12 Signs That an Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

All people born between 21 January to 18 February are under the Aquarius sign. An Aquarius man is very picky and has high standards for their partner.

If you have a boyfriend with this zodiac sign, and you are not sure whether he is serious with you, let’s check the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you. Don’t forget to take notes, girls!

1. He doesn’t ask weird or unusual questions

The common sign of an Aquarius man who likes you sincerely is asking for weird or unusual things. He asks you the questions to know or understand you more. However, when he just stops to ask unusual and weird questions after your long relationship, it means that he is not into you anymore. In the worst condition, he will not talk to you and you two are in uncomfortable silence.

2. He doesn’t care about your personal life

According to thinkalout.net, if an Aquarius man starts not to care about his partner’s personal life, it is not a good thing. Aquarians are curious by nature. That is why when he isn’t interested in someone, he will not care about her personal life anymore. He will try to distance himself emotionally by knowing you as little as possible.

3. He will not flirt with you

Like when a Gemini man is done with you, an Aquarius man will not flirt with you anymore even though he is a natural flirt. In this case, he wants to make it clear that he is not interested in you by avoiding eye contact and will go far. It seems he is bland because he doesn’t want to make you feel special.

4. He doesn’t answer your question

Because an Aquarius man will create a distance when he isn’t interested in you, so he will not answer your question too. Otherwise, he will avoid your questions. You may also notice how he answers your questions carelessly or even doesn’t answer at all. If you see this sign, he starts to lose interest in you.

5. He is selfish

When you two have a date, it is always on his terms. As it is known that Aquarians are selfish. They are selfish with their personal space, their time, and the people they love. Indeed, an Aquarius man will not share anything with you when he is not into you. However, when he can do anything that makes you happy, he is interested in you.

6. He will not initiate a date

Quality time is very important for Aquarius man. He wants to know someone directly, not by text or from social media posts. So, not initiating a date is one of the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you. He will avoid going out with you with many excuses. An Aquarius man wants to be in control, so if he likes you, he will ask for a date first.

7. He will not sacrifice something for you

It is one of the common things among Aquarians who are not interested in someone. He will not sacrifice anything for you. When he does, he seems frustrated or even mad. For example, he must cancel plans with his friends to date you. When he is not into you, he will be mad or will not enjoy seeing you.

8. He doesn’t like to explore new things with you

Aquarians basically hate boring, so they will try to escape it by exploring new things they like. Of course, an Aquarius man will not do something that he hates for someone unless she is important to him. That is why another sign if an Aquarius man is not into you, is he will not do something new with you.

9. He ghosts you

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he will ghost you. This is the same with an Aquarius man who is not into you. He can suddenly not be contacted for a long time. He does it because he doesn’t want to be attached to you, so he will try to create a gap between you and him. This is a common thing that happens with an Aquarius man.

10. He tells you

If an Aquarius man dislikes you, he will straight up tell you about his feelings. Somehow, it sounds obvious to others because many people will think that they just need to play harder. However, it is not for Aquarians. If he tells you that he is not into you, it has the literal meaning as it is. Yes, they are known as honest people, not liars.

11. He doesn’t care about you

When you are around him, and you feel like you are just wasting his time, it is time for you to give up on the relationship. An Aquarius man will not care about someone he is not interested in. That is why his partner somehow will be lonely and doesn’t get attention from him. In addition, it is also the same as the signs a Capricorn man is playing you.

12. He excludes you from his friends

Excluding you from his friends is another sign that shows an Aquarius man is not into you. For Aquarians, social clout is important, so not all people can join his circle. According to Popularastrology, he will not introduce you to his friends. Otherwise, he will make you a secret. If you have a relationship with an Aquarius man and he shows this thing, it means that he is not really into you. 

In short, those are 12 signs that an Aquarius man is not into you. Do you find those signs from your Aquarius boyfriend? If you get one of the signs or many signs above from an Aquarius man, it is time for you to try some tricks to win his heart again.

However, when you still get the same result, it is okay to give up the relationship and move on. There are still many fish in the sea, girls!

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