This is The Sign Scorpio Man Using You

It isn’t easy to find significant others nowadays. There are some things you need to pay attention to, including signs when someone purposely leads you on. With Scorpio man, it is no surprise that your relationship will be fun and intimate. Scorpions’ intense emotions can make you feel a lot of things at once. But they also love a few games. Their adventurous side is responsible for this.

They also don’t easily trust new people so they tend to play around when you both first get together. Sometimes you can’t even read what’s happening in your relationship with a Scorpio man. You need to know when a Scorpio man using you. But before that, let’s learn about their general traits.

Scorpio’s General Traits

The first noticeable trait of a Scorpio man is that they have a strong façade. They look hard to crack. Sometimes even cold towards you. This could be their first play. They wanted to see how hard you try to get their attention, but it could also mean that they are not interested. But since they are very curious beings, they will play your games.

They are also known as natural leaders. Their sense of leadership is a bullseye. That makes them a perfect alpha guy in a relationship. Their charm is big in dominating.

Being cold and distant doesn’t always mean a red flag. They build trust with time; they learn about you with the same amount you learn about them. It took time to be in the Scorpio man’s inner circle. Even then, they might still conceal one or two things from you. This is their protective side towards themselves that keeps them from hurting.

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When a Scorpio man falls in love, they fall deeply. But when a Scorpio man is done with you, you could also tell from their sketchy behavior. They aren’t one to conceal what they like and dislike and you could use it to your advantage.

As stated before, not every Scorpio is as evil as just using you. It will most likely be caused by past wounds that haven’t healed yet. Scorpio man finds it hard to trust people after a fallout, and it only results in him playing around. Or maybe they’re just curious about you but they are still waiting on a certain someone.

When you’re in a relationship with them, you need to know certain signs that might be Scorpio man using you.

1. Shows no interest in you

Even when his body language tells you that they are interested, they make no effort in finding out about you. A Scorpio man won’t be too nosy and ask you a lot of questions about yourself. Instead, they will wait until you tell the story voluntarily. Even then they just respond to what they need to.

They have no interest in leading the conversation or sharing stories about themselves even when you ask. They play it mysteriously, hoping that you’ll fall into their traps and provide what he needs.

2. Hot & Cold

Another known Scorpio man tactic to use you. They will use the switch tactic. If a Scorpio man appears friendly one day and then unapproachable the next, it is their way to keep a distance from you. This might be a coping mechanism when a Scorpio is hurt. You might find this frustrating because it made your relationship stagnant and not being able to move forward.

You need to be careful because they might not be interested in committing to a relationship. If you notice that both of your visions are different, you might want to take a step back before you hurt yourself.

3. Won’t meet your friends

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This should be your biggest worry. Typically, you want to introduce him to your friend group, but they will try to dodge that topic every time you bring it up. It’s not because they don’t like your friends. If so, they will tell you truthfully.

But if a Scorpio man keeps on avoiding meeting your friends, it’s a sign that they don’t want to be too involved in your social life. If you try to communicate it and they can’t give a plausible reason, it might be a sign that a Scorpio man using you.

4. Introduce you as “a friend” only

While they’re trying to avoid your social life, a Scorpio man will also try to keep you away from their social life. They will keep referring to you as their friends in front of their friends and even family. He will have a hard time admitting that your relationship is more than just a friend. You might ask them about it, but watch as they once again dodge the topics and try to manipulate you into thinking it’s still too early.

5. Keep you in the dark

When you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural to make plans together. But in this case, he might not involve you in a lot of his activities. Again, this is an act of keeping your relationship and social life in a different basket. Which is a sketchy thing to do especially if you started to talk about committing to a relationship.

6. Makes fake promises

You can already tell by this. They kept on making fake promises about your relationship, or worse about your future together. This is almost as easy to detect because you might find this as signs a Virgo man is playing you. A Scorpio man’s words might sound so sweet and dreamy, but you need to be careful because they could be just manipulating you. Pay attention to their words and see if they actually bring one to realization.

Not every Scorpio man is evil like this, but in case these things happen to you, you can decide your next move. Scorpio men are usually very emotional and protective of that side of them. If they wanted to play with you, it’s because you might not be someone he’s looking for, but he’s craving for that relationship with someone.

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