Why Ignoring A Libra Man Can Make Him Want You More?

Do you want to make a Libra man crave your attention? Have you been ignoring him, but still long for his affection? Ignoring a Libra man can actually make him want you more. It’s true – by playing hard-to-get, this sign of the zodiac will become increasingly intrigued and invested in pursuing you. But why exactly is it that neglecting a Libra man has such an effect on them?

In this article, we’ll explore how to attract and keep the interest of a Libra man through strategic flirtation and emotional detachment. We’ll take a look at what makes being ignored so attractive to Libras, as well as which types of behavior will help draw out their affections even further.

With insight into the inner workings of these romantic creatures’ minds, you’re bound to find success in making yourself irresistible to them! So if you’ve been wanting to capture the heart of one of these mysterious men, read on for all the tips and tricks you need.

Playing Hard To Get

Studies show that 70% of people believe in playing hard to get when it comes to relationships. It’s a strategy that has been around for centuries, and one which can be effective if you’re trying to make a Libra man desire you more. Ignoring him is one way to do this; by making yourself seem less available than usual, he may think twice about his feelings towards you and start wanting what he cannot have.

When ignoring a Libra man, the key is not going overboard – don’t completely cut off contact with him or ignore all attempts at communication from him. Rather, subtly reduce your level of engagement instead. If he calls you, take longer than usual to respond back or let the call go unanswered altogether.

When talking with him, listen but don’t provide much information about yourself unless asked directly – keep conversations lighthearted and avoid deep topics where possible. Showing disinterest in whatever he does will also work wonders in driving up his interest in you.

An aloof attitude combined with an air of mystery can often spark attraction rather than repel it; however, too much distance might push away a Libra man for good. To ensure success when ignoring them to create greater want, strike the perfect balance between being interested yet slightly detached from their advances. With careful execution, you may find that they’ll become even more eager and desirous of pursuing something real with you!

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Taking Time Away From Him

When it comes to ignoring a Libra man and making him want you more, taking some time away from him is another powerful tool. Time apart will give him the chance to miss your presence and think about why he’s interested in you in the first place. It also gives you an opportunity to show that you’re not always available for his every whim – something which can make you even more desirable! Avoiding too much attention from him during this period is key; don’t let yourself be overly visible or accessible as it could come off as desperate rather than mysterious.

A great way of implementing this strategy is by having days where no contact with each other occurs whatsoever. You’ll have the ability to stay busy doing things on your own while still remaining open to communication when needed – just ensure that any conversations are brief and lighthearted if possible. When simply avoiding all forms of physical interaction isn’t enough, try actively distracting yourself with activities such as reading, seeing friends, exercising or anything else capable of taking your mind off him for a few hours.

By allowing space between both parties, feelings may start to grow stronger over time instead of fading away like they would had there been total silence from either side. Taking breaks from one another doesn’t mean ending the relationship entirely; quite the opposite actually – distance makes the heart grow fonder! This tactic used correctly has proven effective at increasing desire among many couples throughout history so it’s definitely worth trying out if you wish to make a Libra man yearn after you even more intensely.

Not Always Being Available

Another way to make a Libra man want you more is by not always being available. Showing him that you have other interests and activities outside of your relationship can help add an element of mystery to the equation, which will increase his interest in understanding what makes you tick.

This doesn’t mean ignoring all invitations or avoiding any social engagements – instead, look to balance date nights with private time or mutual interests such as attending concerts together. When done right, this approach can be incredibly attractive and let him know that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to who you are.

At the same time, don’t succumb to pressure if he wants to spend every waking minute with you – this isn’t healthy for either one of you! Letting him know that while spending quality time together is important, having some independence is equally so. You could also suggest activities where both parties can enjoy themselves separately; these moments apart can provide much needed space from each other and allow for growth within the relationship too.

Showing a bit of restraint can go a long way towards making a Libra man desire you even more intensely, as it allows for a greater appreciation of just how special your connection really is. Taking breaks without completely cutting off communication provides necessary distance between both partners whilst still maintaining intimacy at its core – something that should never be lost sight of in any meaningful relationship.

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Showing Disinterest In His Life

Showing disinterest in the life of a Libra man can also make him want you more. While it’s important to show interest and appreciation for what makes him unique, don’t let your curiosity become overwhelming – this could come off as too clingy or controlling.

Instead, focus on expressing an independent attitude while still maintaining respect and admiration for his perspective. Showing that you have other activities that take up much of your time will also help emphasize your dynamic personality and keep his attention focused solely on you.

Avoid being overly critical when talking about topics related to work or hobbies. This doesn’t mean ignoring any potential issues he may be facing but rather offering constructive advice instead of criticism – no one likes to feel judged! try to remain open-minded if he expresses opinions that differ from yours.

Listening without judgement is a great way to demonstrate understanding and shows him that even though you two may not agree at times, there’s always mutual respect between both partners which should never be taken lightly.

Through demonstrating independence and showing genuine care for all aspects of who he is, making a Libra man desire you even more becomes easier over time. A healthy balance of togetherness and distance creates a perfect mixture of romance and intrigue – something that everyone desires in their relationships.

Being Mysterious And Unpredictable

Mysteriousness and unpredictability are two qualities that can make any Libra man swoon. By keeping your feelings close to the chest, it creates an air of mystery around you which is bound to leave him intrigued. Withholding information or being vague in conversations allows you to maintain a sense of independence while still maintaining his interest; after all, some things should be left unsaid!

Meanwhile, surprising him with unexpected behavior will keep him guessing and wondering what’s next. Whether it’s taking initiative on date night or simply making different plans every once in awhile – showing off your spontaneity will add an element of fun and excitement into your relationship. Catching him off guard with thoughtful gestures such as sending flowers or writing love letters brings out the romantic side in even the most stoic personalities.

By embracing these mysterious and unpredictable elements within yourself, you create an aura of intrigue that no Libra man can resist. Allowing yourself to remain mysterious keeps things interesting for both partners as well as helps build trust between them. This type of connection is far more meaningful than any flattery ever could be…and he’ll appreciate it just the same!

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The Libra man is a complex creature who craves attention and affection, but it’s important to remember that you don’t always have to give him what he wants. Ignoring him from time to time can make him want you more. When done correctly, playing hard to get can be an effective way of making sure the Libra man doesn’t take your presence for granted.

By taking time away from him, not being available all the time, showing disinterest in his life, and being mysterious and unpredictable – these are all ways that will make the Libra man work harder to win over your heart and mind. He’ll be drawn into trying to figure out why you’re distancing yourself from him and this could lead to some interesting conversations between the two of you.

If you choose to ignore a Libra man now and then, do so strategically. Doing this too often may come across as callousness rather than flirtatiousness. After all, with any relationship there must be balance; ignoring them one day doesn’t mean they should never receive attention again.

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