The Most Common Body Types Virgo Men Like

What do Virgo men find most attractive in a partner? It’s a question as old as time, and one that has been pondered by many. As mysterious and complex creatures, it can be difficult to know what they are looking for in a partner. But beneath their calm exterior lies the answer – an understanding of the most common body types that catch their eye.

Like moths drawn to the light, Virgos have specific desires when it comes to physical attraction. From athletic frames to curvaceous figures, there is something about each type of body that draws them in like magnets. By exploring these common body types we can gain valuable insight into how Virgo men see beauty in all its forms.

So if you’re wondering which body type will draw out your innermost desires and make you feel irresistible, read on! With this article we explore just what makes certain bodies so appealing to Virgo men and why some might be more suited than others for forging meaningful connections with them.

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Slim And Toned Figure

When it comes to body types, Virgo men tend to be attracted to a slim and toned figure. They appreciate the tonality of muscles that come from working out and staying active. Working up a sweat is important for them, because they like to know their partner values taking care of themselves as much as they do. This mutual understanding can create an intimate connection between two people in ways words cannot describe.

However, there’s something about curves that give these men pause; just enough shape to show off the sensuality of who you are without being too overt with their physical needs. A defined waistline does wonders for this kind of look, letting him know he has found someone special worth getting close to.

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Hourglass Figure With A Defined Waist

No doubt about it, Virgo men are all about the hourglass figure with a defined waist. They appreciate this look because it gives them just enough to tantalize their senses without getting too wild and crazy. And there’s something special about being able to wrap your arms around someone who looks so amazing – that feeling of perfect balance between strength and softness. That said, they will also admire an athletic and healthy appearance as well.

Athletic in the sense that a partner is physically active and not afraid to break a sweat from time to time. Not only does this imply good health habits but also shows off strong muscles that come from hard work at the gym or other physical activities. These guys like seeing evidence of dedication when it comes to staying fit; plus, they can take pride in knowing their partner takes great care in how they present themselves!

Athletic And Healthy Appearance

Proportionate body shape is something that can be just as attractive to a Virgo man. It speaks of confidence and self-control, two qualities he admires in others. He values someone who takes care of themselves without being overly obsessed with it. A person who has an overall balanced physique sends the message that they take good care of their mental and physical health – which will only make them more desirable in his eyes!

He also appreciates when partners wear clothing that complements their figure well. Not too tight or baggy, but rather clothes that fit properly so as to emphasize all the right areas. This attention to detail will not go unnoticed by him; on the contrary, it’s likely he’ll find this kind of effort very appealing indeed.

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Proportionate Body Shape

Virgo men also appreciate a certain level of femininity in their partners. To them, this can mean curves in the right places or having an overall softer body type. A woman with these qualities will be seen as someone who is both beautiful and delicate – two characteristics that are highly desirable to him.

He admires women who take the time to show off their figures without being overly ostentatious about it. He won’t likely respond well to any extreme displays of vanity; instead, he prefers subtlety when it comes to self-expression through fashion and style choices. Alluring but not too flashy – that’s what most appeals to his aesthetic sensibilities.

Feminine Curves In The Right Places

The Virgo man loves to be with a woman who takes pride in her appearance and is well-groomed. He prefers someone who looks neat and tidy, so he will usually appreciate when his partner makes an effort to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Whether she’s wearing classic styles or something more unique, it doesn’t matter as long as the look suits her personality and flatters her figure.

He also appreciates attention to detail; from simple things like keeping nails short and clean, to taking extra care with makeup application for special occasions – these are all important ways of expressing your femininity that he notices and admires. For him, these small touches show dedication and commitment to looking good which is ultimately attractive to him.

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Well-Maintained Physical Appearance

In addition to the feminine curves and attention to detail, Virgo men like when their partners take good care of themselves. This means they prefer women who are active in taking part in activities that help maintain a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly or eating right. A woman’s physical appearance is important to him – but only if it comes from an internal desire for self-improvement rather than superficial vanity.

He appreciates the effort his partner puts into her own well-being because he sees it as a sign of respect for herself and those around her. With this type of mindset, she will come across as more confident which can be very attractive to him!

Confidence And Comfort In One’s Own Skin

Now, for Virgo men to be attracted to the body type of a woman, confidence and comfort in her own skin is essential. She must understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and embrace her unique features without feeling ashamed or self-conscious about them. A woman who feels comfortable enough with herself can naturally present an attractive aura that will draw him towards her like a moth to a flame.

At its core, this trait speaks volumes about how she values herself – which Virgo men find very appealing as they highly respect inner strength and courage. It also helps create an emotional connection between them because he knows she’s not just trying to please him but rather embracing her true identity with pride!

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Good Posture And Body Language

Good posture and body language are also incredibly attractive to Virgo men. Showing the world that you’re proud of who you are through your stance and confidence can make all the difference in how he perceives you, as it will prove that you take pride in yourself and your appearance. Standing tall with an open chest is one way to project this – while crossing arms over your chest or slouching shows insecurity. He’ll be even more drawn to a woman who’s not afraid to express what she wants without being aggressive or disrespectful.

Proactive And Positive Attitude Towards Fitness And Health

Having a proactive and positive attitude towards fitness and health is like putting your best foot forward. Virgo men will be drawn to someone who puts effort into maintaining their physical well-being, as it shows that she has self-respect and values her own body. Keeping up with regular exercise reveals her dedication to taking care of herself – an attractive quality in any partner!

A good physique alone isn’t enough for a Virgo man; he also seeks out the ability to carry oneself gracefully and elegantly. This could mean having poise when walking or being able to maintain eye contact during conversation without feeling intimidated. Showing confidence in one’s appearance and behaviour can go a long way in creating an overall sense of attractiveness for him.

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Ability To Carry Oneself Gracefully And Elegantly

The ability to carry oneself gracefully and elegantly is a trait that Virgo men find irresistible. A woman who can move with confidence, poise and elegance shows him that she is comfortable in her own skin – something he values highly. They also appreciate the fact that such women are aware of their body language and how it affects those around them; this demonstrates emotional maturity as well as self-awareness.

Women should be mindful of expressing themselves through subtle movements, gestures or glances; these little nuances can give off an impression of sophistication which appeals to many Virgo men. It’s all about making sure you don’t come across too strong while still conveying your message clearly and effectively. With practice, developing your sense of grace will become second nature – leaving no doubt in his mind why you’re the perfect match for him!


In conclusion, it’s clear that most Virgo men prefer slim and toned figures with hourglass shapes and defined waists. They are typically attracted to an athletic look combined with curves in the right places. It’s also important for them to see a woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin. They appreciate good posture and body language as well as a proactive attitude towards fitness and health.

Interestingly enough, research has found that 8 out of 10 Virgos have admitted to being instantly attracted to someone based solely on their physical appearance. This speaks volumes about the importance they place on external beauty when looking for partners.

Overall, it’s safe to say that if you want to turn heads among Virgo men, then having the right kind of body type will definitely help! So take care of yourself physically and mentally, be proud of your shape and size – this will make all the difference in standing out from other potential suitors.

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