Top 5 Love Spell Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Do you know about the love spell symptoms? Love spells are one of the most popular ways for people to get their crushes to notice them. With the help of a love spell, a person can attract their target just by casting the spell.

When someone casts a love spell on someone else, some symptoms will appear on that someone else. So, to figure out whether or not your love spell worked, you can look for the signs of a love spell on your target. Knowing the symptoms of a love spell will also help you understand if you are under a love spell.

To help you understand more about love spells and their symptoms, we will tell you everything you need to know. That way, you can identify the signs to tell if you are under a love spell or if your love spell is working. Without further ado, here are a couple of things you need to know about love spells.

What is a Love Spell?

Before you can learn and ask “am I under a love spell?”, you should know what a love spell is. So, a love spell is the use of black magic to cast a spell on someone you like. The supernatural forces from the spell will get the target to be attracted to you.

People have been using love spells for ages since this kind of spell is passed through the generations. Some love spells work like a charm while some might not work as well as you want them to. However, failed love spells are usually caused by something wrong in the casting process.

One of the things you need to know about a love spell is the fact that you should not joke with it. A simple spell that involves accuracy, experience, and precision will create a very powerful love spell. All you need to do is to learn how do you spell victim by finding a caster.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Love Spell?

Now that you know what a love spell is, let’s talk about the signs and symptoms of a love spell. You can use this knowledge to learn how to tell if someone put a spell on you. You can also use these symptoms to indicate whether or not your love spell is working. So, here are some signs of a working love spell you should know about.

An Extreme Change in Behavior

The first thing that you will notice is an extreme behavior change. One of the easiest signs for you to identify is a behavior change. You can identify this change in behavior by comparing the behavior of the target today and the day before.

The target will usually talk and think about someone that they have never had feelings for before. They will also obsess about that person a lot. They will suddenly have a great desire to get close to someone that they have never even cared for before.

Another thing you will notice is the target will become obsessive over the person who ordered the love spell. They get so obsessive that they do not care about their surroundings at all. They tend to irritate the people around them. That is why love spell symptoms can be pretty annoying.

Overly Anxious

The next sign you will notice is significant anxiety in the target. People who are under a love spell will worry all the time. They will be very anxious continuously ever since the spell is cast. The target will feel anxious that they cannot live with the person who ordered the spell.

If the target has a significant other while under the spell, they will feel guilty for spending time with their significant other. Instead, they will worry about a person that they have never cared about before. And that is how powerful a love spell can be. That is why some people call it an obsession spell.

Severe Insomnia

Because people who are under a love spell feel anxious all the time, they will also experience severe insomnia. Maybe you do not use to staying up all night. However, all of a sudden you cannot find the urge to sleep. You should be careful because that might be a sign of a love spell working on you.

People under a love spell will hardly sleep. They will even have no interest in sleeping whatsoever thanks to their crippling anxiety. They will continuously think about the person who ordered the spell up to the point that they cannot rest.

Sentimental Feelings

If a target is under a love spell, they will also have sentimental feelings all of a sudden. The target will become overly sensitive about everything in their lives. Other than that, they will also have sudden mood changes that happen pretty quickly.

The target can become very happy in a minute and then become overly sad about something the next. They will have an unstable emotion that comes with the other signs of love spell. The constant anxiety and lack of sleep also contribute to the sentimental feelings and mood changes that the target is having.

Easily Manipulated

One of the most dangerous signs of a love spell is that the target will become very easily manipulated. You have to remember that the target is very vulnerable. Why? Well, simply because of all of the changes in their emotions and behaviors. These changes make them very vulnerable because they lose the way to protect themselves.

People who are under a love spell have so little will. They will become irresponsible people that you can take advantage of pretty easily. They will usually obey orders pretty easily since they do not have any intention in their lives. 


A love spell is a spell that you can cast to attract your crush. If you cast a love spell on someone, you will see signs and symptoms that prove your love spell is working. People under a love spell will usually have sudden mood and behavior changes. And that is all you need to know about the love spell symptoms.

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