Revenge Ideas on Your Ex

Taking an act of revenge on your ex doesn’t mean that you have to kidnap and hurt them. There are so many creative revenge ideas you can do. We have some tips on how to get revenge on your ex creatively below. 

By applying the tips below, your ex may regret because they have let you go. Best of all, you even get a better life after doing the tips below.

Show Them That You are Okay and Even Better

One of the best revenge for your ex is showing that you are okay and even life is better without them. This revenge will make them regret their decision to leave you. It is the same case when Shane Lopes left Katy Perry. 

This guy chooses Amanda Wayne as his new girlfriend. Did Katy Perry regret her life and cry? She might be sad but it didn’t ruin her life. Instead, Katy Perry becomes one of the most popular female singers nowadays. Katy Perry even launched a song entitled Firework to show that she is okay and even better without her beloved one now. 

Release Your Negative Energy and Being Healthier than Before 

Release your negative energy and being healthier than before is also effective revenge ideas on your ex. Imagine how your ex reacts if they see you with a six-pack body or healthier body than before. They will be shocked and regretted their decision to let you go. 

Going to the gym and doing some exercises are two great tricks to release your negative energy. You can do the treadmill, lift a heavy barbell, punch a bag, and many more. Be sweating! It feels like your negative feelings are released after doing it. 

Indeed, you are ready to start a new life without your ex anymore. Make your ex jealous with your ideal body shape and size. A popular actress, such as J.Lo ever did it. Now, you see yourself as J.Lo has a great body and is even healthier than before. 

Do Things You Can’t Do When You Were with Your Ex 

You may ask how to mess with someone without getting caught. If so, doing things you can’t do when you were with your ex is a brilliant revenge idea. Say your ex often forbids you to travel abroad. Show them that you can do it now. 

Post your traveling photos or videos on your social media account and let your ex know about it. Remember to show your satisfied and happy smile in the photos and videos. Say something in the caption, such as “I finally made it!” or “I have to wait for this chance for so long!” and many more. Imagine things your ex thinks about you. It can be them who are sad and regretful because they left you and wanted to break up. 

Do Things They Love Without Them

On the other hand, you can also do things they love without them. It can be one of the evil ways to get revenge on someone. Your ex can be upset after seeing your post about it. You can even do it while showing that they suck. 

Explain that continuing life without your ex is the best decision you have ever made. Indeed, your ex will be hurt to scroll through your social media and find that you are happy with what you have done so far. It is a lesson for them because leaving hurts your feelings.

Write Down Your Bad Relationship with Your Ex 

Do you love to write something? Why don’t you write about your bad experience with your ex? The purpose is not to make you even sad but to show how bad their attitude is toward you. You can change the name of the characters, but write down the exact story of how your ex left you. 

Nowadays, you can even publish the story to your social media account. It doesn’t matter if your ex read the story. They can’t claim that it is their story while having a relationship with you as long as you change the name of the character. 

It is not only releasing your negative feeling and anonymous revenge on ex but also giving a precious lesson to others. At least, you can show that something unexpected may happen to any relationship. People who are in a relationship can anticipate it and find the best solution when it happens to them.  

Start a New Relationship and Show You are Much Happier Now 

You don’t have to cry all the time and even commit suicide when broke up with your ex. Instead, be a better person and start a new relationship. Learn from your mistake and fix it in your new relationship. Then, send your photos or videos while spending time with your new couple to your ex.

You don’t have to write down your name as the sender. Create a fake name and send them to your ex. The purpose is to let them know your condition now. It sounds childish and wastes your time but sometimes it makes your emotions better. 

Doing it is another trick on how to mess with someone anonymously. Some people will check the truth after receiving the photos or videos. Ensure that you are happy with your new partner. 

Remember! Don’t hurt your new partner only because you want to take revenge on your ex. Do this trick when you are ready to start a new relationship. This trick can be good healing for you after bad things you have passed with your ex.

Cut Your Communication with Your Ex 

The best revenge is to do nothing to your ex. Cut anything that can make both of you see each other. For example, you can block their social media account, change your phone number, and move from the area temporarily. 

The idea of this trick has disappeared from your ex’s life. Meanwhile, you can heal yourself and be a new you. Make them a shock when finally, both of you meet again for the first time after a long breakup.  The point is that there are so many revenge ideas you can do without making them hurt physically. Ensure that revenge is only to make you a better person and it’s enough. Start a new life and be happy with it instead of thinking of your ex all the time. Indeed, they will feel sorry for doing something disrespectful and leaving you. 

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