How to Tell Someone They Smell without Hurting Their Feelings

Getting closer to someone who smells bad is uncomfortable. You may be dizzy because of the bad smell. The problem is how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings. Indeed, you will feel guilty when directly saying it to them. 

They will also be upset with your statement. It ruins your good relationship with them. That’s why you should know how to tell them about it. Here, we will show you tips on how to tell someone that they smell. You can even help them to solve their problem by applying the tips below. 

Give Them Perfume or Hygiene Products 

You don’t have to tell them that they are smelly if they are afraid of hurting their feelings. Instead of doing it, give them a special gift, such as a perfume or hygiene product. They will be very happy to receive your gift. 

You can even ask them to try it right away because they will love the smell. Explain that you also use the product to ensure that the product is worth it to try. They may smell better the next time they meet you. 

Best of all, no one was hurt in this case. You can solve their bad odor problem using this trick. They are also happy because they receive perfume for free from you. Next time, both of you can buy perfume together.  

Offer Them Something that Solves the Bad Smell Problem 

Offer something to solve the bad smell problem once you feel uncomfortable with it. For example, offer them to try your favorite fragrant brand. Then, ask their opinion about the smell. Ensure that the situation is normal just like when you discuss something with them. 

The way you offer the fragrance determines the situation. It is the same case if you think that the person next to you has bad breath. Offer them a piece of gum and explain why you love to consume it. Telling that you also consume the gum often works to force them to try it right away. 

It is also another effective way how to tell someone they smell bad. The most important thing is that you don’t hurt their feelings at all.    

Tell Them Personally 

You would better not show your discomfort about their bad smell in front of others. Indeed, it hurts their feelings. So, how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings? Talk with them in private. 

You can start by saying sorry to them before explaining your main topic. Mind your words while explaining it. Imagine if you say that their smell is like dead fish! They will be upset and leave you. They don’t even want to meet you anymore after this embarrassing situation. 

Instead, you can ask whether they have a health problem. Then, offer them a solution to remove the bad smell. Explain that you care about them and don’t want to embarrass them. That’s why you talk with them in private.  

Don’t Use It as a Joke

Don’t use their bad smell issue as a joke unless the person is your best friend. Making their problem a joke is so mean. They will be so upset with you and don’t want to meet you again. You may think that it is funny or attract them to realize their problem, but you embarrass them. 

You don’t know their psychological condition. They may suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem, unconfident, and other psychological issues after your joke. Say it nicely so it doesn’t hurt their feelings and affect their emotion and psychological condition. 

Consult This Problem with Their Close Friends 

They may have a close friend. If so, discuss their bad smell issue with their close friend. Indeed, you should tell it nicely. The purpose of the discussion is to find the best solution for the person with a bad odor. 

It is an effective trick if you can’t talk directly to the person. Their best friend is someone who knows the person well. They often know how to address this issue without hurting the person’s feelings. 

Discuss How to Solve the Bad Odor Issue 

In this trick, you let the person with a bad smell issue join the discussion. Then, start to discuss a person with a bad smell issue. Ensure that the focus of the discussion is to help the person and not to embarrass them. 

For example, you can discuss the reason why a person is suffering from a bad smell and things the person can do to solve the problem. Keep everything natural and normal. Never create awkward gestures to a person with a bad odor otherwise your plan will fail. 

You would better not seriously see them while discussing this topic. Remember! It is a sensitive topic. Don’t let the person feel that they are the one with the stinky issue. 

Tell Them That They Are Nice with a Specific Fragrant Brand

Say that you have given a perfume brand and finally the person uses it. The best thing you can do is tell them that the fragrance works well. Show your concern statement and happy face because the person can finally solve the problem. 

Ensure them that you have kept the secret. No one knows except you. It is how to tell someone they stink without hurting their feelings. You can even build a stronger relationship than before. Your friend will also say thank you because you help and not leave them or even mock them.   

Telling something a person doesn’t want to hear is hard to do, including telling someone they stink. A wrong statement can ruin your relationship with them. The tips on how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings above may help you. 

As a result, you can keep your relationship and help the person to solve their stinky problem. The person with a bad smell issue will also understand after seeing your explanation and attitude before and after they solve it. The things you have done to the person are only to help and not to embarrass or criticize them. You can still discuss anything with the person and nothing changes.

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