These are Signs a Libra Man is Playing You

Are you the owner of the zodiac libra or are you close to someone who is a libra? Yes, the zodiac libra is a zodiac that is actually very loving, romantic, and sensitive. Libra is related to Venus so naturally are people who always want to be in a romantic relationship. Libras are also known for being honest and happy to be in a monogamous relationship.

But behind the beauty of the feelings given when the libra man in love, it turns out that the libra is a temptress. This is influenced by the desire of those who want to continue to have close relationships with other people. Libra man will love you very much, but you could be one of the many female options he has. In addition, men of this zodiac are also known to have faces and auras that attract women to approach.

For those of you women who are close to a libra man, you need to read this article to find out the signs a libra man is playing you. You need to know these signs before you fall deeper into the trap because the he can look like he’s attracted to you but he’s not.

He Is Not Emotionally Attached To You

The first signs a libra man is playing you is that he distances you. You feel him like a stranger and building his own world. He doesn’t care what happens to you. He ignores your stories, but one day he will come back to you like nothing happened.

He may look like a libra man in love at first but when you need him he will ignore you. Here, you have to realize that something is wrong, because if he really loves you then he will always be there for you.

You are An Option for Him, Not A Priority

You may think that if a man approaches you then you are the only one who is close to him. Wait a minute. For the libra man who just wants to play with you, you’re just one of the many choices of women out there. He may be close to you just because you make him comfortable, but he doesn’t have any more feelings for you.

This is because a libra is a reliable seducer. Spreading charm and looking attractive is an art for them. Therefore you must be careful and do not easily believe if you are the only woman for him.

Communication between You and Him is Bad

Actually a libra is people who are good at talking and communicating with people. They are the type of people who will tell you everything in detail. The owners of the zodiac libra are people who like to socialize and interact.

But if you suddenly find a libra man who never or rarely tells you important things about himself, rarely opens up discussions or chats, and doesn’t respond to you, it’s the signs a libra man is playing you. These look like signs a virgo man is playing you. So for this one thing, libra and virgo seem to have the same characteristics.

Often Gives You False Hopes or Promises

The signs a libra man is playing you is he will give a lot of bullshit that is never proven by action. He will pretend to like or be interested in you just to keep you with him, but in reality he never really loves you.

The zodiac libra symbol is a scale that indicates that the owners of this zodiac are people who try to maintain balance and do not hurt others directly. But this is actually used by libra as a justification for his behavior that likes to give false hope.

He’s Only Close To You Physically

Men with this zodiac do approach you only for one thing: physical. As stated earlier, libras are great communicators. If he only talks about or pays attention to you physically then it’s certain that he’s just playing with you. He approaches you only for physical intimacy. 

Usually women will try in such a way to get a man who is close to her, one of which is to make the man jealous. Stop doing that because you will only be wasting your time doing tricks on how to make a libra man jealous. Better stay away from him and focus on yourself.

When He’s Never Been Your Support System, You Need To Question It

The libra zodiac are people who have a high sense of humanity. They tend to like to think and do positive things to provide support or help to others. But when you meet someone with a libra zodiac does not support you, then this can be a sign that he is not serious with you.

If a man of this zodiac is in love, you will be the center of his world. He will give all his attention to you without being asked. But if it turns out that he’s never by your side when you need him, then you need to start considering keeping your distance from him too.

You Are Hidden from People He Knows

Libras are sociable people so it’s only natural that they have lots of friends. The owners of this zodiac love to attend various gatherings. However, if it turns out that you have never been introduced to friends or invited to go to an event together then that can be a red flag.

If you ask about how to tell if a libra man likes you? Then the answer is that he will really show his emotional attraction to you and it’s very obvious. But when this zodiac man never confesses his feelings to you, then he is trying to hide his feelings from you.

When you are close to someone, you must have an intuition that that person is really good or not. If your intuition tells you the man isn’t worthy, then don’t go to the next step with him. Stop looking for ways to make him attracted to you or make him jealous. Likewise with you guys who are eyeing libra women and wondering how to make a libra woman jealous, stop now. Because if libra really loves you, he or she will fight for you.

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