Your Crush is A Libra? You Have to Know about How to Make a Libra Woman Jealous Here!

Are you approaching a libra woman? Actually one of  libra woman traits is very pleasant. Women from this zodiac have a friendly and intelligent character. She can also condition herself according to the circumstances. If a libra woman in love, she may have a lot of romantic thoughts but it’s hard to express them so how to make a libra jealous is actually quite difficult.

But if you want to try, of course it’s not that difficult. They tend to be loyal and approach people, so you can actually get their attention quite easily. So here are some ways for you about how to make a libra woman jealous.

What Really Makes a Libra Woman Jealous?

How to make a Libra woman jealous is actually quite difficult. This is because the libra woman is intelligent, so she knows when you are trying to flirt with her or are deliberately making her jealous. But you don’t need to worry because there are several things you can use to make a libra woman jealous.

First, you can try posting photos with other people on social media. If you are dating a libra woman, then she will feel that you prefer time with other people over her. This method is powerful enough to make a Libra woman jealous.

Furthermore, if you are dating a libra woman and wondering about how to make her jealous then you can flirt with other women in front of her. This will certainly irritate the libra woman but don’t overdo it so she doesn’t get angry.

Third, choose the right time to do your action. Do not let you do it when the situation and conditions are not good because of the circumstances and the possibility that you will be dumped by this libra woman. One of the libra woman traits is loyalty, so if you also know that she already admires or likes someone else then you need to stop making her jealous. If you continue to do that then she will be more uncomfortable and think you are not a good man.

Libra women are people who really like to be loved, so if you start praising her clearly she will feel jealous. You also need to compliment other women in front of her if you are dating a libra woman and you will see if this libra woman is jealous or not. On the other hand, she may also be jealous of your jealousy. You have to restrain yourself and learn to ignore her so that she will increase jealousy with your attitude.

When a libra woman asks who she is to you, you answer her with vague questions like she’s a nobody, you’re just friends, or she’s just an acquaintance of yours. It will make the libra woman wonder.

What animal represents libra? One of them is a wolf. As you know, libras are loyal and love romantic relationships. This is in accordance with the character of the wolf who has a close relationship with its group. Therefore, if you do not answer the meaning of your relationship clearly, then it will make the libra woman jealous.

Another way to make a libra woman jealous is to visit her or work hard so that there isn’t enough time for her. This will make her feel neglected and jealous. You can give her a shorter message than usual. It will make her wonder and eventually try to make things clear. But remember, don’t overdo everything so that she doesn’t get angry and fight you.

How Does a Libra Woman Show Her Jealousy and How To Deal With It?

Libra is a zodiac sign that likes harmony and tends to stay away from things that trigger conflict. Therefore, this woman will certainly try hard to hide her jealous feelings. She would hold it in until it finally exploded if it was unstoppable. She will also tend to deny that she is jealous of you. But take it easy, if a libra woman in love and is jealous of you then it will be easy to know.

Actually, how to make a libra woman jealous is the same as how to make a gemini woman jealous. Just like gemini, libra women will try to give you a chance to show that you love them even if you make them jealous. A libra woman will try to think rationally and avoid conflict. But if she was really jealous then the situation would look dangerous.

Maybe at first the libra woman will seem normal with her jealousy, but over time it will continue to peak and she will blow everything up in front of you. So it is important for you to manage the game well and not cross the line. Don’t let your goal of making her jealous actually take your relationship even further.

Libra women also tend to do the same thing you do. So it’s natural that she’s also trying to make you jealous by approaching other men. But again you need to put limits on making her jealous, because the libra woman is a smart person so if you go too far then she will never be close to you again.

Libra woman is someone who likes to analyze something before deciding something. In fact, this is one of the libra woman traits that she excels at. Here, the libra woman will analyze the situations and conditions that make her uncomfortable. Therefore she will remain silent or aloof as long as she is jealous. Once she finds the right solution then she will discuss it with you.

Here what you need to know is that the zodiac libra always tries to avoid conflict or situations that put her in trouble, one of which is jealousy. So if you make her overly jealous it’s not a great way to get attention or test her feelings. You’re actually playing with fire.

The libra woman will not waste her energy on something that will drain her emotional side. Therefore, after making her jealous, you need to apologize to her as soon as possible. Libra women don’t like men who make their relationship complicated and just messing around.

Those are some explanations regarding how to make a libra woman jealous. For you who are approaching a libra woman, maybe this article can help you in finding smart ways to make a libra jealous of you. What you need to remember is that you have to play it safe and don’t play with her feelings too much or you will lose the libra woman later.

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