Why Do Pisces Distance Themselves? : Understanding Why He Pulls Away

The Pisces sign is known for its mysterious and complex nature. They are often seen as distant, enigmatic creatures that keep others at arm’s length with their aloofness. But why do they distance themselves from the world? Is it a conscious choice or an unconscious reaction? Understanding why Pisces distance themselves can help us to better connect with them on an emotional level.

In this article, we’ll examine what lies beneath the surface of this complex zodiac sign and discover why they may choose to remain elusive.

When it comes to understanding the inner workings of a Pisces’ mind, there can be many reasons for distancing oneself from those around them. It could stem from fear of intimacy, a deep-seated emotional insecurity, or even an overwhelming need for introspection and self-reflection.

Whatever the cause, one thing is certain: when a Pisces creates distance between you and them, it isn’t because they don’t care about you – far from it! Rather, they’re trying to protect their heart by creating boundaries in order to not get too close emotionally.

It takes courage and patience to break down these walls so that a true connection can begin to form between two people – especially if one person is a Pisces. To build trust and have meaningful relationships with each other, we must first understand why they put up barriers in the first place.

By exploring why Pisces feel the need to distance themselves from time-to-time, we can learn how to make more authentic connections with our loved ones who happen to be born under this star sign.

He’s Not Receiving Enough Attention Or Affection From His Partner

Pisces are very sensitive and emotional creatures, so when it comes to relationships, they need a lot of attention and affection. When someone born under this sign is not receiving the care that they feel they deserve from their partner, they may start to distance themselves from them instead of confronting the problem directly.

This can be emotionally taxing for both parties involved as Pisces will often internalize their stress rather than communicating about it openly.

At times, Pisces might even go as far as doubting whether or not the relationship is worth continuing if he feels like his needs aren’t being met by his partner in terms of attention and affection.

If this continues over a period of time without any resolution, then it’s likely that the Pisces individual will start to feel overwhelmed or stressed by the demands of the relationship – something which could ultimately lead him to decide to take some space away from his partner.

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He’s Feeling Overwhelmed Or Stressed By The Demands Of The Relationship

When it comes to the behavior of a Pisces, distance is often a sign that he’s feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the demands of the relationship. He may feel like his needs are not being met in terms of attention and affection, which can cause him to become self-protective and begin pulling away from his partner – both physically and emotionally.

Pisces need to know that they’re appreciated, but if their partner isn’t providing them with this then it can lead to feelings of insecurity and doubt about what the future holds for this relationship. This sense of uncertainty can be incredibly difficult for Pisces to cope with as they tend to take things very personally, making them fearful of getting hurt or rejected by their partner.

He Fears Getting Hurt Or Rejected By His Partner

For a Pisces, fear of getting hurt or rejected by their partner is a real and tangible thing. When they feel like their needs are not being met, it can be difficult for them to open up to another person – even if that other person is someone they love deeply.

This fear may cause the Pisces to distance themselves from their partner in an attempt to protect themselves from further pain and heartache.

At its core, this kind of behavior is rooted in insecurity and feelings of inadequacy; if the Pisces feels like he’s not worthy of his partner’s love and attention then he will struggle to communicate effectively with them. He might become quiet and distant as a way of avoiding conversations which could potentially lead to confrontation or disappointment.

Even though these behaviors may seem irrational at times, they’re often just a manifestation of how scared the Pisces is underneath it all.

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He’s Struggling To Communicate Effectively With His Partner

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, yet for a Pisces it can be like navigating a minefield. They worry that their partner won’t understand or accept their thoughts and feelings – like trying to take a sip from an empty cup.

It’s no surprise then that they might struggle to effectively express themselves, leading them to close off emotionally in order to protect themselves.

The lack of communication between partners often leads to misunderstandings, leaving the Pisces feeling alone and misunderstood. This disconnection can cause confusion and frustration on both sides as neither person knows what the other wants or needs.

As such, many Pisces will avoid talking about their issues altogether in fear of facing rejection; instead opting for silence over conversation as a way of protecting themselves from further hurt.

This act of self-preservation may create distance between two people who were once so close but now feel worlds apart. The Pisces may find himself stuck in this uncomfortable limbo where he is unable to communicate his innermost thoughts with his loved one, despite how desperately he longs to do so.

He’s Navigating Personal Issues Or Challenges That Are Affecting The Relationship

For a Pisces, personal issues and challenges can take an emotional toll on their relationships. Whether it’s dealing with insecurities or struggling to find balance between self-care and tending to the needs of others, these issues can be hard for them to navigate alone.

As such, they may feel as if they are trying to manage all of this without any support from their partner, making them withdraw emotionally so that they don’t burden their loved one.

Important for the Pisces to understand that communication isn’t just about expressing themselves but also listening. It takes a lot of courage to open up and let someone into your world when you fear being rejected; however, by sharing even small bits of information at a time, the relationship can become stronger and more connected than ever before.

This connection allows both partners involved to gain insight into each other’s thoughts and feelings – ultimately leading towards mutual understanding and greater trust within the relationship.

When things do get difficult for a Pisces though, it is often easier for them to distance themselves rather than try to bridge the gap with communication – which can lead them feeling suffocated or restricted in the relationship.

In order for the couple to remain close while allowing space for personal growth, compromise might be necessary so that both parties receive what they need from each other: love and independence alike.

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He’s Feeling Suffocated Or Restricted In The Relationship, And Needs More Space Or Independence

Interestingly, many of the same issues that can cause a Pisces to distance themselves in relationships may also be rooted in their need for independence and space. A Pisces needs room to explore who they are without feeling like their partner is trying to control or dictate their life.

If the partner places too much pressure on them out of fear or insecurity, it can lead the Pisces to feel suffocated and restricted, causing them to withdraw from the relationship as a form of self-protection.

At times like this, communication is key; both partners must make an effort to understand each other’s feelings and personal boundaries so that they can come up with mutually beneficial solutions. The priority should not just be finding ways for the Pisces to get what they need but also ensuring that both parties remain connected and supportive of one another throughout this process.

With patience and understanding, couples can work together towards maintaining autonomy within the relationship while still providing emotional support when needed.

He Feels Like His Partner Is Not Meeting His Emotional Needs, Such As Validation And Support

At times, a Pisces may distance themselves if they feel like their partner is not meeting their emotional needs. Without an adequate amount of validation and support from their partner, the Pisces can start to doubt the security of the connection between them.

They might begin to wonder whether their partner truly understands what it’s like for them to be in a relationship; this lack of understanding could lead them to question if there is any point in staying together at all.

It’s important for partners of a Pisces to recognize that validating and supporting one another doesn’t always mean doing whatever the other person wants – it means making sure each individual feels appreciated, respected and understood within the dynamic.

When both sides understand how much effort goes into maintaining a healthy bond, they can take steps towards creating positive communication patterns and strengthening their connection with each other.

He’s Struggling To Balance His Own Personal Goals And Desires With The Needs Of The Relationship

When it comes to a Pisces and relationships, the waters can sometimes get murky. They often struggle between balancing their own personal goals and desires with the needs of the relationship, which might cause them to distance themselves as they try to figure out how to make it all work. This disconnection can lead some partners to think that there is an issue within the relationship, when in reality it’s just a natural part of the ebb and flow for this sign.

However, if distancing continues for too long or intensifies without explanation from the Pisces partner, then their other half may begin to feel uncertain or conflicted about what lies ahead for their connection. It’s important for both sides of any romantic partnership to open up communication channels so that everyone feels heard and understood – only then can true intimacy be achieved.

He’s Feeling Uncertain Or Conflicted About The Future Of The Relationship

When a Pisces partner is feeling uncertain or conflicted about the future of their relationship, it can be difficult to know how to respond. It’s important for both parties to remain open and honest in order to create an atmosphere of vulnerability and understanding. This can help ease any feelings of insecurity that may arise from miscommunication or lack thereof.

In many cases, simply talking through what each person needs will bring clarity on how to proceed with the relationship. For example, if one partner feels like they are being pushed away by the other’s need for space, then this could be brought up in conversation so that boundaries can be established and respected going forward.

If a Pisces partner is struggling with something internally, then having someone there who understands them non-judgmentally can make all the difference. Acknowledging these issues without trying to “fix” them is often enough for a Pisces to feel more secure and connected in the relationship.

It takes patience and practice but creating an environment where both partners can openly express themselves can lead to deeper intimacy – which is ultimately what we all crave at our core!


Pisces can be complex creatures, and it’s easy to understand why they sometimes feel the need to distance themselves from their partner. While every situation is unique, there are likely some common themes that contribute to a Piscean choosing to create space in a relationship.

This could include feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the relationship or needing more freedom and independence than what may have been provided. It might also mean struggling with communication, not receiving enough attention or affection, navigating personal issues or challenges, and feeling like their emotional needs aren’t being met.

When facing these types of situations, I believe it’s important for both partners to take time to reflect on how they can best support each other – as well as where they’d like the relationship to go moving forward. By doing this, we can better meet our own individual needs while still maintaining a healthy connection with someone we care about.

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