How to Make A Libra Jealous and Other Signs of Libra’s Characteristic

In a romantic way, some male zodiac signs are prone to jealousy. Unbearable envy fuels all jealousies that burn in the heart. One of the zodiac signs that are prone to jealousy is the Libra guy. Apart from the sign of jealousy, Libra also has other signs and characteristics. This diversity is also found in every existing zodiac. That’s why every zodiac sign is unique in each of its signs and characteristics.

But should a jealous Libra man put his love commitment to the test? If that’s the case, how do you enrage a Libra man? The following, according to multiple sources, is how to make a Libra jealous.

Sign of Libra Men’s Jealousy

Keep Playing Your Phone in Front of Him

When you’re around a Libra man, keep your phone on all the time. Give him no thought at all. If he’s a cute ascetic and you grin when you get a message, offer him a hazy response to make him feel excluded.

Upload Other People’s Photos on Social Media

Social media is a huge passion for Libras. Post pictures of you hanging out with other people on social media to annoy him. This will make Libra upset and jealous. He’ll also ponder who the subject of the picture is.

Don’t Answer His Calls or Messages

According to the fact, if it’s about how to make a Libra jealous, A Libra man will become envious if you ignore his calls and messages. Especially, if he is aware that you are too busy to respond to his communications.

Compliment The Attractiveness of Other Males

Being described as handsome is their obsession. Therefore, you can comment on another man’s appearance in front of him to incite jealousy in him. Even physically, you can express your admiration for his hair’s beauty. Keep your attention on the appearance of the other guy.

Ignore Him in Public

Libra man will get irrational if they are ignored in public. Don’t cross the limit when you are doing this, because it will make them ignore you back. The Libra man will feel rejected if you ignore him and he’ll wonder why his nice charm isn’t working on you.

Siding on Other People

Libra will become envious if you take the other person’s side in a dispute because he wants the support you provide for others. Standing up for someone Libra doesn’t like will make him incredibly envious and jealous.

Ignore Their Seduction

The Libra man will become disturbed and wonder whether what he’s doing is wrong if you reject his advances, whether other individuals approach you romantically. He’s so used to ladies falling for him when he flirts, so when you don’t respond to him, he’s bound to become extremely envious.

Those are some signs when a Libra man is jealous of someone he likes. However, do these signs apply equally to a Libra woman? Not all are the same as the sign of a Libra man. Here’s the explanation of some of the signs of jealousy of a Libra woman.

How to Make a Libra Woman Jealous

One of the wisest, friendliest, and most charming women in the zodiac is the Libra. Their personalities are wild and feminine at the same time. They are adept at acting appropriately given the situation. Although she is amorous, you can’t tell what’s going through her mind. Making them envious may become challenging, but nothing is impossible. Here is what astrology may tell you about Libra women if you are trying to make them jealous in order to attract her or win her back.

It can be challenging to enrage a Libra woman, but it’s not a smart idea. She is extremely bright, as was already established, and will be able to tell when you are acting strangely and when you are just trying to make her envious. However, if you’re still trying to figure out how to enrage her, consider the following strategies.

Flirt With Other People

Flirting with other people is the first and quickest technique to make a Libra woman envious. Make a Libra lady jealous by flirting a little with other girls in her presence if you want to. To avoid going over a limit when doing this, just be mindful of it. She might seize you and leave you there.

Make use of her insecurities.

Play mean and take advantage of her insecurities to attract her attention. Praise that woman in front of her if she believes that any other woman is superior to her. Like everything, this will function.

Choose The Ideal Moment to Act

Choose the ideal day or time to do this. You risk losing her permanently if you attempt this when she is already upset and disturbed as a result of a significant life event. She will leave you to take care of a task on your own. Additionally, you probably shouldn’t try to make her jealous if she is already attracted to someone other than you because she would show signals of wanting to leave you.

Ignore Their Jealousy

When they make an attempt to make you jealous, ignore them. A Libra lady can use your own jealousy against you in an effort to outsmart you. Just keep in mind to not focus too much on what she is doing. Try to maintain a cool demeanor while she is acting. She’ll undoubtedly develop jealousy.

Signs a Libra Man is Playing You

A Libra man’s pleasant demeanor helps you fall in love with him when you’re only talking to him. Generally speaking, Librans desire to show their mate how much they care. Unfortunately, they find it difficult to express their emotions. In order to figure out if he genuinely likes you, we’ve put together a list of warning signs to look out for.

  1. When interacting with others, he pays more attention to them than to you.
  2. He fails to follow through on his pledge to engage in discussion with you.
  3. He doesn’t care about you at all.
  4. He only requires physical closeness.
  5. He feigns emotion.
  6. He constantly criticizes you
  7. Neglects to introduce you to your closest friends
  8. He places you last on his list of priorities
  9. He makes an effort to avoid discussing relationships.

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