Do You Have a Problem with Cancer Man? Here are Some Signs When a Cancer Man Is Done With You

The cancer man traits are loyal, reliable, protective, and sensitive. When a cancer man in love, he will really pay attention to you. But when a cancer man is done with you, it means that there’s something that is beyond his control. 

Unfortunately, one of the cancer man personalities is that he tends to force himself to hide his true feelings so he will show it through actions that actually seem annoying. You will start to feel distant and put no more effort into your relationship until you finally give up and write it all down. Therefore some signs when a cancer guy is done with you that you should know before your relationship goes bad.

He becomes Someone who is No Longer Honest with You

Is your cancer man no longer wanting to communicate with you? That’s one sign that this guy is no longer interested in you. One of the cancer man’s personality is to always be honest with his partner. When he is no longer honest with you, then there is definitely something wrong with your relationship.

He becomes Overly Critical and Wants you to Always Meet His Expectations

When the cancer man is done with you, he will demand a lot from you. He always expects you for him, but he is not there for you when you need him. This does seem unfair, so you have to be aware of this from the start so you don’t continue to do what he wants.

He will constantly criticize whatever you do. You’re the only one who’s always wrong. This will certainly drain your energy. Therefore, it is better for you to immediately realize and walk away from him if this has happened.

He’s Really Not Attracted To You Again

If he used to be a very caring person, but now he really doesn’t care about you then this can be a sign that he is done with you. He became a person who no longer cared about anything that happened in the world. 

He who used to be Optimistic about Your Future, Now becomes Pessimistic about It

Apart from the cold demeanor he showed. Some of the cancer man traits that he shows he is no longer interested in when he will lose his sense of optimism about the future are tempting. Maybe you often plan and talk about it, but after a while he starts to become too lazy to talk about it or talk about it.

He did that because he no longer saw you when you were available. Maybe he hasn’t talked to you about it yet, but sooner or later he’ll really be done with you. If he shows this attitude, immediately talk to him and prove that you can still have a happy future together.

He Keeps His Distance and Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

Does he often ignore your messages or don’t pick up your calls? Or maybe he’s trying to avoid meeting with you? If he does that, then you can be sure that he’s done with you. You need to find out why he did that because you might have done something wrong to him.

This is actually somewhat similar to when a scorpio is hurt. They tend to be more reserved, as well as a cancer man. Therefore you must be the party who has the initiative to fix everything. 

He Seems Bored with You and Prefers to Spend A Lot of Time with His Friends

You can certainly feel if your partner is getting bored. This is what you will also experience if a cancer man is done with the relationship. He will completely avoid you and prefer to occupy himself with his friends or other activities than with you.

You Feel He Is A Stranger and You No Longer Know Him Like Before

One of the cancer man personalities is that they are loyal. But if he has shown no more interest in being together with you, then you can be sure that he no longer has feelings for you. The cancer man will stay away from you to think about how he really feels before deciding something for your relationship. This is why he ends up looking so distant from you and his demeanor is different from the one you used to know.

When He’s No Longer Jealous of You, Then He’s Done With You

When a cancer man is in love, he will be possessive. That is indeed one of the traits of a cancer man. But if now your cancer man is no longer possessive or jealous when you are close to another man, then that is a sign that he no longer has feelings for you.

Why did that happen? This is because he has lost his interest in you. Worst case scenario is that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. It’s a good idea to talk to him immediately if he has shown this attitude.

He No Longer Invites You to Family Gatherings and Never Praises You Again

If he used to take you to family events or meet up with his friends but he never does anymore, then this could be a sign that he is no longer interested in you. This is because he doesn’t want you in his life anymore so he does that to dump you and make you no longer important to him.

Cancer men also usually often praise their partners. If now he never compliments you again then it can be ascertained that he no longer has feelings for you. But he doesn’t tell you directly because he doesn’t want to hurt you openly.

Now you know the signs when a cancer man is done with you. Actually these signs are similar to the signs when a scorpio man is done with you or when a sagittarius man is not interested in you. If you find the signs as described above, then you must take immediate action to communicate them before it’s too late. But if indeed he has decided not to want to continue the relationship, it means you also have to let it go and start moving on. Don’t worry, there are other men out there who are more worthy to be with you.

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