A Way to Tell When a Scorpio Man is Done with You

In the early stage of relationships, it isn’t easy to read your partners. Sometimes you’re both still struggling to get a grasp of the relationship. This is why you need to be able to read between the lines. A relationship with a Scorpio man is exciting and full of fun. But how to actually tell when a Scorpio man is done with you?

Scorpio Man Personality

Scorpio man tends to have a strong personality. Often mistaken for a fire sign for their fiery energy, Scorpions are actually water signs. This gives them a new and unique side to them that could be vulnerable to someone they wanted. Scorpions are filled with intense emotions.

They are also known to be a leader and very determined in what they do

Their focus to get something is so great that they don’t care about anything else and have their eyes on the prize only. Scorpio men are also known to be risk takers. This shows how brave they are in life. Just like the symbol portraying them which is a scorpion.

Not to mention their loyalty is also through the roof. You don’t need to worry that you can’t see the sign if a Scorpio man is done with you.

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They are very open about what they like and don’t

This fearless trait also makes them fun people to hang around. They would gladly offer you a new adventure together and explore new things that you’ve never seen before. This is exciting when your relationship is still developing.

You could learn about a Scorpio man through adventures you have together. That’s why being around Scorpio men brings a lot of new experiences. They are confident in themselves, and this is a good influence for you to be confident in your own skin.

Scorpio Man in Love

At first glance, Scorpio might seem mysterious and secretive. They are very protective of their soft side. Oftentimes, Scorpio men will put on a brave face, even uninterested. They will see how far you are willing to try and approach them. It takes some time for them to soften up around you, but once you both become friends, you will discover a lot of new fun sides about them.

Even then, they are mostly uninterested in chasing away a fling.

Scorpio men wanted stability and commitment in a relationship

They are a natural leader which also makes them a little bit controlling in a relationship. If they are not careful, this controlling behavior could become toxic. You could feel trapped and manipulated. If they don’t feel like you both click anymore, it could feel like Scorpio man is using you.

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But to get Scorpio man’s attention, all you have to do is be honest with them

They will relate to you on an emotional level and therefore create a bond that feels intimate. That’s why telling them what you feel is a necessary thing to do. Be authentic and don’t exaggerate anything because they will see it right through you. You will never have to question yourself if a Scorpio man is done with you because if you share vulnerabilities they might find it a little hard to let you go.

So, how can you tell if a Scorpio man is done with you? Here are some of the telltale signs that you can detect from their actions.

1. They suddenly become cold and distant

Scorpions are known for their intense emotions. So the first thing that you might notice right away is that when they’ve become cold and distant. When the relationship is going smooth and feels intimate before suddenly turning 180 degrees, that’s when you need to start worrying.

They are no longer interested in your feeling or even feel not interested in you anymore. It might also be a sign they show when a Scorpio is hurt.  And you better start finding out what you did wrong or if any of your actions comes out unnatural and untrue.

The right way is to communicate this with them, tell them that you realize something is different and you want to fix it for the better. If they feel generous, they might let you in about what’s bothering them, but otherwise, you have to win their heart.

2. He cuts you off emotionally

There’s nothing worse than being cut off emotionally. Especially in the early stage of a relationship. He might find it not interesting when you talk about your emotions. They might not let you in about what they’re feeling anymore. They will act as if they’re annoyed with your presence and it’s so harsh that it’s impossible to not notice this sign.

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3. You move down his priorities list

It’s another telltale sign that might be noticed right away. You start seeing him with new friends every day, or he might make plans without including you in them. You have to take care of yourself because this friend could be another woman.

Scorpio men don’t have the intention to make you jealous, they just wanted to show you that they’re no longer interested. Or this might be their way to get revenge on you. Because when a Scorpio is hurt, the first thing on their mind is to sting back. When you see this sign, it is a clear sign to tell when a Scorpio man is done with you.

After all these signs, you might ask yourself, will they come back to you? Will it start from square one? The important thing is to never take Scorpio men’s feelings for granted. It’s not easy for them to trust new people, and they are very protective of themselves. You don’t necessarily need to step around the glass, but still, pay a lot of attention around them.

With their intense emotions, you will find it easier for Scorpio man to come back to you, rather than Capricorn man come back after disappearing. If a Scorpio man is really in love with you, they would want to work this out because they don’t want to waste more energy opening up to new people.

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