9 Effective Tricks on how to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

Gemini women are born between May 21 and June 20. Based on prescholar.com, a Gemini woman is often talkative, extrovert, and whimsical. On the other hand, these women can also be indecisive or nosy. 

Chasing a Gemini woman is challenging. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t chase her. So, how to get a gemini woman to chase you? Follow the tricks below. It is also an answer for those who are asking will a sagittarius woman chase you if doing the tricks.

1. Check Whether She Has Common Traits of Gemini 

Research by Don Saklofske, Ivan William Kelly, and D.W. McKerracher entitled An Empirical Study of Personality and Astrological Factors explains that not all the characteristics of the sample match with their zodiacs. 

So, ensure that she has Gemini’s common traits before chasing her. You can try to talk about things she loves, her interests, and other things. She may have Gemini’s common traits if she loves to socialize every night, is affectionate with friends, and often posts something funny.

If so, you can start to chase her with things she expects to exist in a man.

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2. Discuss Something that Stimulates Her Critical Thinking 

In case you know that the woman has Gemini common traits, start to discuss something that stimulates her critical thinking. You can try to discuss the hottest topics she loves and listen to her answers. 

Alternatively, try to tell a funny story to keep the condition light and comfortable. Remember to use positive body language while speaking, such as maintaining eye contact and keeping your arms relaxed by your sides.

Your smile is so meaningful for Gemini women. This trick will make you more attractive to her and get her attention.  

3. Touching Her a Little Bit

You can start to touch her a little bit when the condition is comfortable. Flirt her by gently touching her shoulder or arm during the conversation. As an article on Prepscholar states, Geminis are easy-going and adjustable. 

She will respond to your touch positively. She is even happier if she is also interested in you. Remember! Do it gently and relax. Don’t touch her too often because it makes her uncomfortable.

Choose a specific moment to touch her, such as when both of you are laugh at something funny.  

4. Text Her

Talkativeness is one of the characteristics of a Gemini woman. They love to discuss something in any form, including text. So, text her after leaving her, such as asking her position, what she is doing, something funny that just happened, and any other casual texts.

Indeed, it is one of the most effective tricks on how to get a gemini woman to chase you.

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5. Give Her a Special Gift 

Some Gemini women are intelligent and love to read books. Check her interest first. Give a book she wants to read when she loves books a lot. You can also discuss the content of the book with her.

Indeed, she will be happy because the man in front of her is so understanding with something she wants.

You will see her smile on you over again when she is also interested in you. What if she doesn’t love books? Alternatively, you can give her a flower bouquet or a small box of chocolate. A romantic dinner can also be a precious gift for Gemini women. 

6. Ask Her for an Adventurous Date

The 7 Fundamental Gemini Traits by Dora Seigel at Prep Scholar explains that Geminis are adaptable. They love to go along with any plan, especially a plan for an adventure trip. Find out her favorite spots and bring her there. 

For a more challenging trip, you can ask her to go on a hike together. It will be so effective when she loves to go outside and do outdoor activities. Not all men love to go hiking with active women, such as a Gemini woman. 

You can show her that you are different from other men who ever chased her. Gemini women enjoy areas or activities related to water. So, you can also ask her to go to the beach or lake.

It will be great if you can take her to ride a boat together. She will remember you all the time. It means it is the time to chase and get her heart.

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7. Give Her a Challenge

Indeed, a Gemini woman prefers a challenge in her life. You should give her a little bit of a challenge when she is attracted to you. Instead of you chasing her aggressively, losing your tension a little bit is a good idea. 

Try not to text or meet her all day long. Wait for her response when you are gone. She will try to text and find out when you are attracted to her. In case a Gemini woman reads this article and you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, you should learn how to text a sagittarius man.

8. Give Her Attention 

Gemini women love to seek attention. So, ensure that you are ready if she needs you. Give her the cold shoulder and don’t run away anytime she has a problem. Giving her the best solution is also another way to give her attention. 

Slowly but surely, she will think that you are serious to her. It is the time when you finally win her heart. This trick may work after a few times. It is okay and does it constantly because Gemini women are still observing you.

She will only open her heart at the right time and for the right person.

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9. Be Honest

Never lie to Gemini women otherwise they will be so mad and leave you. Gemini women try to be honest with everyone, including someone they admire. They will be happy if they find an honest man just like them. 

That’s it! Consistency is the key. Ensure that you apply the trick on how to get a gemini to chase you above. Soon, you will get her heart and finally get someone who maybe will become your wife or couple. The most important thing is ensuring that she has Gemini’s common traits first to make these tricks work. 

When a Gemini woman read this article, remember! These are signs a gemini man secretly likes you. Be sensitive and give him a response if you are also attracted to him. Indeed, both of you can be a good partner.

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