7 Cancer’s Spirit Animals, Which One is Yours?

When we want to look for Cancer’s spirit animal, we have to look deeper into the characters of Cancerian themselves. Cancer’s most typical characteristics are sweet and gentle. But behind all those lovely demeanors, Cancers are strong people with great intuition, empathy, and sensitivity.

There are many ways to find our spirit animal, but checking our astrology signs is definitely one of the best and easiest ways. Here are some of the animals that can be a perfect spirit companion for Cancerians. Which one do you think suits you the best?


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Crab is the symbol of Cancer so it is the obvious choice for Cancer’s spirit animal. You can use this formula to look for the most suitable spirit animal for the other zodiac as well. For example, if you want to know what is Taurus spirit animal, you can simply take a look at the zodiac’s symbol. Since it is a bull, then it can be a suitable spirit animal for Taurus.

Crab and cancers have many things in common, but the most noticeable similarity is the fact that they tend to avoid dangers and have their own safe space to hide from the cruel world.

Crabs have a hard shell that protects them from dangers. The same goes with Cancers. They can’t carry a literal protective shell, but they have psychological armours that protect them from anything that can hurt their feelings. When they sense a danger—in this case something that is going to hurt their sensitive heart—Cancers will retreat into their emotional safe space where only they can go.


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If there is one animal that can represent the sensitive nature of a Cancerian, elephant is the answer. Just like Cancers, elephants are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures. Elephants often show their emotions, especially when they are sad due to the loss of family members. Just like elephants, Cancers are not afraid to show their emotions. Cancers are compassionate and they shower the people around them with unconditional love.

Elephant is a great Cancer’s spirit animal because it shows a range of deep emotions, from sadness, anger, and even joy. They also can sense when another elephant experiences negative emotions. This trait is also similar to Cancerians who often have emphatic ability to sense other people’s feelings.


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Just like Cancers, rabbits are timid, shy, and sensitive animals. They prefer to stay calm and avoid troubles. You will not see rabbits causing troubles for humans or fighting with other animals. They love to mind their own business and stay inside their little peaceful bubble.

Furthermore, rabbits are also very clever. They can sense threat, and since they prefer to avoid troubles, they will naturally stray away from situations that can cause them troubles. If you know someone who shares similar traits with rabbits, there is a huge chance that their astrology sign is Cancer.

Speaking of troubles, Cancers will also try to avoid it even when it comes to love. When a Cancer man senses that a woman only brings nothing but troubles into his life, he will not feel attracted anymore. And when a Cancer man is done with you, they will not want to have anything to do with you anymore.


Source : Expert Africa

Pangolins have a thick protective skin and they will roll into a ball to protect themselves when they feel threatened. Pangolin has a similar characteristic to Cancers in this regard.

When it comes to romance, Cancer always gives their best. They are a great lover that will make their partner feel lucky and blessed. However, just like a Pangolin, Cancers tend to hide themselves. It will take time and effort for other people to break the walls the Cancers build to protect their soft heart.


Source : Immediate UK

Do you know that otters are romantic creatures? This animal is often seen holding hands with its mate when they are sleeping. They do this to make sure they are not separated when they are sleeping on the water.

Cancers are just like otters. They are very compassionate, devoted, and loyal lovers. When Cancers have set their eyes on one person, they will never look away or find someone else. You are lucky if you can find a Cancer man or woman as a lover.


Source : Holden Arburetum

Cancers are great family men and women. They will work hard to make a safe and loving house for their families. This trait is just like a Woodpecker. Woodpeckers will spend most of their lives creating a safe nest for the baby birds. Most importantly, male and female woodpeckers will work together to build their nests. Just like male and female cancers who are willing to cooperate with their spouses to ensure family harmony.

Woodpeckers are not only great parents. They are also filial offspring that really cares about their family. Unlike the other birds, young woodpeckers will sometimes go back to their father and mother’s nest. Cancers are also like that. Since they are raised by loving parents, they also grow into filial and loving children who love to visit their parents’ house even after they have become independent.


Source : Trees for Life

A bear can be a great spirit animal for Cancer women. Bears, especially the black ones, are actually gentle animals. But they can be ferocious when threatened, especially when it comes to protecting their cubs.

Just like bears, Cancers are protective mothers. They might look soft on the outside, but they can also be very intimidating when they need to keep their children safe. They just don’t play around when it comes to their lovely children.

If you are looking for what animal represents Libra best, bear also can be a great answer since Libra and Cancer are similar in this aspect.

So, what do you think about the animals that you see on this post? Do their characteristics resemble you or the other Cancerians that you know? As a spiritual companion for Cancers, Cancer’s spirit animal doesn’t only represent their personalities, but also can balance their ever-changing moods.

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