2 Main Signs a Virgo Man is Playing You and Further Characteristics of the Zodiac

What are signs a Virgo man is playing you? Well, before talking about this specific thing, it is very important to know the general characteristics of Virgo men. Commonly, they are perfectionists. They are willing to work very hard just to reach their goals.

At the same time, Virgo is one of the most patient zodiacs. And of course, the males also have this good characteristic. Whether in professional or personal life, it is okay for them to spend so many years just to achieve common goals. Virgo men also don’t really give up just to get something they want. Often, it is their partners, family, friends, or workmates who must be patient to wait for them to achieve their goals.

So, do you want to know if that Virgo man plays you or not just like signs a Capricorn man is playing you? You should learn about the zodiac characteristic first.

Good Characteristics of Virgo Men

Virgo men are mostly hard-workers, reliable, responsible, but also simple. They know well what they want and they always do their best to achieve it. Once they make a promise, male Virgo tends to always keep it. If they cannot, they will come to, say sorry, and tell honestly why their promises cannot be realized.

They are also low-profile. No matter how big the achievement they make, Virgo men tend to keep it themselves. But of course, it is not difficult for others to check what achievements they have made since their characters just simply show them without saying.

Men in the Virgo zodiac also want to help anyone. It is no problem at all for them to do so even if they must put in more effort. Sure, it makes Virgo a good partner particularly in the work field as they want to organize anything well. Furthermore, Virgo people, in general, also focus on details, things that others may miss out on.

Bad Characteristics of Virgo Men

Nothing is perfect in this world. This is also for such perfect Virgo men. Yes, they are hard workers and always do their best to get what they want. Those things are good but also they make them stubborn. Often, they think they are always right and not interested in compromising with others.

Yes, they are low-profile. While it is good, it sometimes troubles them mainly when they meet new people. Those new people may underestimate them because they don’t know that those Virgos have done many things.

Virgo men are also very critical. They may criticize you a lot if you are saying or doing something not right in their perspective. Moreover, they always put high hopes on themselves and other people around them. They also tend to be very picky and they want there to be only the right people to be around them.

That’s why some people may feel annoyed with Virgo men. While their intentions are actually good, not all people can accept them well. It is reasonable if Virgo may become one of the zodiacs with many frenemies.

Virgo Men in Love and Relationships

Before talking about the Cancers spirit animal? Let’s finish the discussion of Virgo men first. In terms of love and relationship, mostly, Virgo men are serious. They want to date you or even marry you, well, it is because they are really interested in and love you. So, don’t worry about it when you are in a relationship with a Virgo man.

But of course, the tendency of being serious in a relationship makes it difficult to open their heart to new people. Once their hearts are broken, it takes time for them to heal. And when they are falling in love with you or not, it takes time for them to decide if they will come. Often, they end up regretting themselves because they are too slow in confessing their feelings.

Uniquely, when they have believed that you are the right one for them. They will chase you and even wait for you. Well, this is the nature of Virgo men who always want to get what they want.

However, when you have dated a Virgo man, don’t be too surprised if they may be a little bit ignorant. It doesn’t mean that they are bored or no longer in love with you. Once they get you, they will focus on chasing other things and achievements, particularly in terms of study and jobs.

Be patient, Virgo men may be a little bit ignorant and not romantic. But they know how to treat you well. They will be there when you need them and try to cheer you up to make you happy.

2 Main Signs a Virgo Man Plays You

Different from another zodiac like signs a Libra man is playing you, there is a small possibility that Virgo men are playing you. As has been mentioned before, Virgo men are really serious in relationships and love. They only come to a person he thinks is the best one and has a relationship with her.

But of course, there is no guarantee that they are always like that all the time. Remember that they need a long time to move on from the previous serious relationship. They also hurt so bad when their girlfriend may cheat on them. So, they may go to someone else just to rebound.

Knowing Virgo men who are not serious with you is quite easy anyway. First, you just need to check when they last broke up. If it is not a long time ago, be aware that you are probably only a rebound to have fun and relieve their feeling.

Second, look also at the way they treat you. If it is only in the beginning, he frequently texts and calls you, and then a few days later he disappears, well, be aware, there is a big possibility that this Virgo man just plays you. If they are serious, Virgo men will do anything to get you. Well, it is although, in the beginning, he may be doubtful about their own minds. But once he believes in you, he will chase you no matter what. You are his target and his achievement for sure.

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