13 Signs A Gemini Man Secretly Likes You

A Gemini man usually will be more friendly and talkative towards a woman he likes. It is how he tries to attract the woman’s attention and wants her to fall in love with him. If you think that there is a Gemini man who likes you, better you check the signs a Gemini man secretly likes you according to astro79 and gentwenty in the following passage. Make sure whether he likes you or not.

1. Being curious about you

A Gemini man will be curious about you. He will text you often to understand you better. He can learn all the things about you such as your likes and dislikes, your inner world, and your moods. Gathering as much information and then acting upon his knowledge in front of you proves that he is interested in you.

2. Being talkative around you

Because a Gemini man is mercurial, he likes to communicate. Then, he will look extra talkative in front of someone he likes. With his knowledge, he can talk about many topics and try to impress you.

As an intelligent man, a Gemini man wants his woman to understand his sense of humor and wit. That is why he makes such an effort to make you remember how great he is.

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3. Engaging in fun activities with you

Because he likes you, a Gemini man will engage in many fun activities with you. Playful and funny, he will try to bring people around him joy and happiness. Also, he will actively do activities with you to create many memories about you. However, when a Gemini man is done with you, he will never want to be around you at all.

4. Motivating you

If a Gemini man wants to invest his time and inspire you, it means that you are special to him. He will never let you struggle alone with challenges. He ensures that you share your burdens with him and motivates you more when you are down. As his strength, there is a certain optimism with a light heart inside him which will be ready to support you in your lowest point.

5. Introducing you to his circle

The Gemini man is known as a social guy. He can make new contact whenever he goes. If a Gemini guy likes a woman, he will introduce her to his circle, especially the closest one. Because he is picky, when he finds someone he likes so much, he will never hesitate to introduce her to his friends. At this stage, it means he wants a serious commitment to her.

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6. Telling you about his feelings and life goals

One of the signs a Gemini man secretly likes you is telling you about his feelings and life goals. People under the Gemini sign are hard to understand somehow because they have a different speed compared to others, including in their ambitiousness and life goals.

So, when he does that, he wants your input and feedback. Also, he wants to know that you will support him.

7. Being there for you

Being there for you is another sign that a Gemini man likes you secretly. He will never leave your side, and he always immediately offers his help whenever you need help or support. So, when he intentionally frees his time every time you ask for help, it clears that he is interested in you or he has feelings for you.

8. Valuing your opinion

One of the negative sides of the Gemini guy is he can be known as arrogant and boastful. That is why when he values your opinion and shows respect for your thoughts, it means that he has feelings for you. Whether he accepts your opinion or not, he will still hear you patiently so you will not feel disregarded.

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9. Being responsible around you

A Gemini man is serious about you when he starts to be responsible around you. He wants to prove his stability and make you secure and trust him. In this case, he will perform his duties well no matter what. On the contrary, how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you is when he is irresponsible and often unreliable or flaky.

10. Appreciating your personality

If you feel that a Gemini man appreciates your personality, there is a big possibility that he likes you. He will try to make you still on his side. The admiration when he looks at you and how he shows his emotion in front of you proves that he wants you to contribute to his life no matter how personality you are.

11. Making you feel exclusive

Man, who was born under the Gemini sign is not easy to treat a woman exclusively unless she is special to him. If a Gemini man makes you feel exclusive by showing you off what he can do for you and compliments you more, it means that he likes you. He wants to do everything with you and always makes you feel powerful whenever you are with him.

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12. Seducing you

Seducing you is another sign that a Gemini guy is interested in you. Because he is expert in seductive tactics, he can show his irresistible charm. This tactic also can be used by men on how to get a Gemini woman to chase you. Both men and women under the Gemini zodiac like something charming and different from someone.

13. Making the effort to know your friends

Besides introducing you to his friends, a Gemini man who likes you will make the effort to know your friends. He will find out as much information about you from his friends and learn how you are. He wants to meet your friends as soon as possible and let your friends know about him. He always has a positive attitude toward those who are important to you.

If you are close with a Gemini guy right now and you are not sure if he likes you or not, you can check the explanation above. There are 13 signs a Gemini man secretly likes you. If he shows most of the signs, it means that he is really like you. So, does he like you?

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