12 Tips on How to Text a Sagittarius Man

If you find yourself having a crush on a Sagittarius man with a bright and adventurous personality, don’t ever let him go. Not only knowing his favorite things, but you also must know how to text a Sagittarius man to get their attention more. Here are several tips that you must do when you text him. Practice the tips below, and he will be yours!

1. Text him first

According to wikiHow, there are two things that a Sagittarius man loves. Those are independent and carefree. So, to show this, you must text him first. There is no need to wait for him to get the first move. You take the first move to impress and show him that you are an independent woman. In this case, you can start a conversation about what event in his day or about something he will enjoy.

2. Smart and simple text him to go out

As a spontaneous man, a Sagittarius will love your impromptu invitation. You can just be to the point without too much explanation in inviting him because it makes him uninterested in you. Simple text such as asking him for lunch in the restaurant is a good idea. You also can ask him for other activities with you. When a Sagittarius man is not interested, he will reject your invitation.

3. Show curiosity

Another tip in texting a Sagittarius man is showing him your curiosity. He loves to chat with people who inspire them to think. So, he likes it if someone chats with him and asks him about an exciting mystery or something. Here, you can send a link to research or something and you just ask him about his opinion or his knowledge about the topic. In addition, it helps you to enlarge your knowledge as well.

4. Talking about travel

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If you have no topics to chat with him, let’s talk about travel. Sagittarius will be happy about bringing up the next trip plan. Being super friendly makes him interested in visiting a new place or talking about his favorite vacation. You can ask him for his advice about your travel, or you two travel trips.

5. Being philosophical

Besides being curious, how to text a Sagittarius man is being philosophical. A Sagittarius man will like the things related to profound and metaphysical. That is why he will be interested in the conversation about a philosophical subject that for other people it is a boring thing. Just try to open up a chat with several topics such as fate and environment.

6. Being playfully flirting

A Sagittarius man will look for many ways to have fun. One of them is by flirting. So, it is easy to make him into you by throwing some playful and silly messages to flirt with him. Indeed, you will get his attention and it will be easier for you to win his heart. If you are not the type of person who likes flirting, you can search on the internet for some examples of a flirty message for a man.

7. Make him laugh

Because he somehow looks for silly conversation and silly people, a Sagittarius man likes to give others the giggles. Texting him about something funny, and helps you to be closer with him. You can use emojis in your text to make a conversation with him. This is also the way how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you.

8. Being his friends

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A love relationship commonly starts from friendship. So, if you want to text him, your first aim must be a friend for him. If you have been his friend, being flirty with him or texting many topics will be easier for you because you understand him. Also, he knows you well, so he will be happy texting with you.

9. Being yourself

If you are interested in a Sagittarius man, the first important thing you must know is you have to be yourself. He will appreciate you more if you act as you are. You also never hide your true feelings. It means that when you are sad you say sad, not pretending to be happy just because in front of him. This also works when you text with him.

10. Planning an adventure

As a Sagittarius sign, your crush will be interested in joining someone’s adventures if the adventures look so exciting. If you have your favorite place for vacation, he will probably join you too. So, it is a good idea if you ask him to join your adventure. However, when you ignore him and don’t invite him into your adventure, it is the way how to make a Sagittarius man jealous.

11. Giving him time to respond to your chat

Because your crush was born under the Sagittarius sign, he is ultra-independent and loves being in the moment. In other words, he is not tied to a device for most hours. That is why you must be patient and give him time to respond to your chat. However, if he has a quick reply to your chat, you must be happy because it is one of the signs that he is interested in you too.

12. Being to the point

The next tip that you can do in texting a Sagittarius man is to be to the point or straightforward. He prefers directness rather than guessing the hints. If you like him, he wants you to say so. Otherwise, if you want to hang out with him, just say it clearly to him. One thing you need to know about Sagittarius man is he likes spontaneity and honesty.

To sum up, there are 12 tips on how to text a Sagittarius man. Of course, you can try all of the ways above to get his attention and get his heart. After reading all the tips above, now are you ready to text your Sagittarius crush? Remember the tips and he will get interested in you!

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