What to Do If Your Crush Likes Someone Else?

What to do if your crush likes someone else? Loving someone and receiving the same feeling from them is a blessing. It is because not everyone can have the same experience that surely makes them happy. Figuring out that your crush likes someone else definitely hurts. Some people can even get frustrated or stressed when they know their crush does not like them back. Their hearts are broken so bad to the point they do not know what to do.

Scientific studies showed that this rejection received by the nerves of the brain is as painful as physical pains. No one can control someone else’s feelings, but everyone can overcome the pain from rejections and move on. Moving on from one-sided love is not easy, we all know that. Moving on from our crush who does not have the same feeling as us takes time and effort. But it does not mean it is impossible.

For those of you who just figured out when your crush likes someone else, here are several things that you can do to move on and be happy again.

Accept the Rejection Gracefully

You probably immediately say that this one is impossible. But accepting unrequited love gracefully becomes important to protect yourself from more painful broken hearts. You should be aware that no one can control others’ feelings, including you. In a study, a number of psychologists estimate that 98 percent of us have experienced unrequited love, at least once in a lifetime.

So, know that you are not alone. Know that it is not that you are not loveable, you are not pretty or handsome, or other negative feelings. Know that someone else is also trying hard to move on from one-sided love, just like you. Rejections can lead to depression. Some people need professionals to help them, and it is totally okay.

If you think you need to go to a psychologist, it is totally fine. Do not be ashamed. Going to a professional does not make you crazy or being too much. It makes you a strong person who is willing to survive and move on.

Spend Time with Your Beloved Ones

The next tip on how to get over someone who likes someone else is spending more time with your beloved ones. Or if you prefer to be alone, it is okay. Take your time as much as you want. Denying the unfortunate experience by saying ‘it is fine, it is nothing, I actually don’t like him/her, or I’m not sad’, will only make it more painful.

As it is said before, accept the rejection and the pain gracefully. It indeed hurts so that it is really okay if you are sad. Do not hesitate to express your feelings by crying in front of your loved ones. If they really love you, they will understand you. Spend time with the ones who care for you and are willing to listen to you.

By doing this, you will also know that you are loveable. It is not because you are not as attractive as other people that your crush does not love you back. Once again, it is because you cannot control others’ feelings. There are several things in this world that are beyond your control.

Get Rid of Everything that Reminds You of Him/Her

Consider it as a healing process. If you have ever received gifts or other things from your crush, get rid of them instead of saving them. You do not have to throw it away; you can donate it instead. Imagine a balloon that pops into the air and disappears when you get rid of things that remind you of your crush. You can hide his/her social media posts or even unfollow them on social media, if necessary. This does not mean you are childish.

But keeping a distance from your crush is the right step for now, especially if you love him/her greatly. Chris Armstrong, a founder of a relationship coaching company said that keeping a distance from your crush does not mean that you completely avoid him/her or break your friendship with them. It is about you looking for ways not to spend too much time with them or remembering them. Know that you have all the rights to feel fine again.

Find Positive Distractions

What should I do if my crush likes someone else? When someone is broken-hearted, they want to distract themselves from the pain. Unfortunately, some of them do it wrong, like drinking alcohol and so on. Being drunk does not help. Alcohol will only help you forget the pain in a short period of time. Once you are sober, you will feel the pain from the rejection again.

Therefore, it is much better to find positive distractions. For example, you can do your hobbies or try something new. You never hiked before? Try hiking with your friends. Do yoga or learn Muay Thai. Watch stand-up comedies, design your garden, anything. By doing positive distractions, you will be able to get over your crush as well as be a better person.

Make A List of Good Things About Yourself

This is simple, but most of us underestimate and even ignore it. A study showed that remembering good things about yourself will help you to improve your self-esteem and self-love. It is also a powerful remedy for overcoming the pain of unrequited love. So, make a list of good things about yourself, this will remind yourself that you are lovable.

Express what you love about yourself. For example, I’m religious, I’m kind and nice, I’m honest, and so on. Finding yourself as well as your positive sides can be a solution to move on from the painful unrequited love. Listing good things about yourself will also help you to find your potential, what you are good at. By improving your potential and being a better person, you will find a better love too.

Those are several things you can do to move on and carry on when your crush likes someone else.

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