Should I Confess to My Crush? Get the Answer Here

Do you have a crush? If you are, the question “should I confess to my crush?” must be in your mind every time. We know that this question is hard to answer. Getting rejected is one of the biggest fears of those who have a crush. Let’s talk about the possibility when you tell your crush about your feelings and when you do not tell them. 

Before you decide whether you will confess your feelings to your crush or not, you should know several things below. The first one is the condition when you should not express your feelings. Meanwhile, you can tell them your feelings if you find there are some signs from your crush. Let’s check all of the explanations. 

You Should Not Confess to Your Crush 

You do not need to confess all of your feelings to others. Somehow, it is the best choice if you hide your feelings. According to yourdevan, here are the conditions where you should not confess your feelings to your crush.

You are not close 

Should I confess to my crush even though we don’t talk? Expressing a feeling to a stranger is quite cringe. Especially when you two have never met directly before. Maybe only you who always look at them. It is the same when you and your crush do not know each other well. 

You don’t know what love is

Teenagers in high school or lower somehow cannot differentiate between love and admiration. It is a big no for you to confess your feelings to your crush. It is best if you ask yourself whether what you feel is real love or not. Some people somehow are just obsessed with their crush. You can ask your thrust person to give you some feedback too.

You don’t know the risk

If you don’t know the risk of your action, you should not confess to your crush. For instance, your crush is the typical person who will be uncomfortable after you do that. After that, they will choose to run away from you. Another thing is your crush may not treat you the same anymore after knowing you have feelings for them. 

You aren’t ready for a relationship

Now, you should ask yourself first. Are you ready for a relationship? If you aren’t, it means that you are better to keep silent and not confess your feelings to your crush. Commitment is one of the things you should think about when your crush accepts your feelings. 

Your crush is not single

It is a bad decision when you confess to your crush but know they are not single. If you know your crush is not single, let them alone. Somehow, love means to let someone go. So, don’t ever think about the plan of “should I confess to my crush on valentine’s day?” anymore.

You Should Confess to Your Crush

Meanwhile, you can say yes to the question of “should I confess to my crush” if you get some of the conditions according to yourdevan. Please note that if you do not find any conditions in the following paragraph yet still want to confess, it is your right. But the consequences are following you too. 

You are mature 

Knowing well what is good and bad for you means that you start to be a mature one. When you are mature enough, it is a good idea for you to confess your feelings to your crush. Somehow, you must be brave enough to tell your crush that you love them. If you express your love, it means that you accept all of your feelings well as an adult. 

You want to confess only to let them know your feeling

Another condition that allows you to confess your feelings is because you want to let them know about it. You never think that your crush has to have the same feeling as you. Yes, you don’t ask your crush to repay how big your feeling is for them. 

You are ready for the worst answer

You can confess what you feel to your crush when you are ready for all the worst scenarios. One of them is that you will be rejected. It’s okay to be rejected as long as you try to be honest with your feelings. Another worst scenario is your crush will treat you differently after you confess your feelings and you accept it. Giving them some time is not a bad idea then. 

You know your crush is single

If you know your crush is single, you should tell them about your love for them. It is a big chance for you to get their heart. You are single. Your crush is single. There is no problem for you to confess your love anymore. Maybe, after this, you start to think about “how to confess to your crush through text”.

You are ready for a relationship

When you are ready for a relationship, it is okay to tell your crush about your feelings. If they have the same feeling, congrats, you will have a relationship now. A romantic confession is a good idea if you have a plan to confess then.

How to Confess Your Crush?

For those who plan to confess their feelings to their crushes, you need to follow several methods. According to wikiHow, there are two best methods to express your feelings to your crush. What are they? Read all the explanations in the following paragraphs.

Confess your feeling creatively

Confessing the feeling using a letter is for those of you who are too shy to face your crush directly. Write all of your feelings in a letter and give the letter to them. Besides, planning a little surprise for them is a great idea. You can ask their best friends to help you prepare the surprise together. So, are you ready to confess to your crush now? 

Having the talk

Inviting your crush to watch a movie or have dinner together can be a good idea for you. Please make sure about your crush’s favorite activity or food as well. When you two are alone, you can start to talk about your feelings to your crush. Let him/her know about your feeling, and you can wait for their response. Now, have you got the answer to the question “should I confess to my crush”? 

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