How to Tell Her You Miss Her Without Sounding Desperate

As social creatures, it is only normal for humans to miss others. This is especially true for a couple. Your longing to meet, talk, and hold hands with someone you love will feel extremely saddening when you can’t meet your partner for a certain period. However, when you miss your loved ones, it is OK to express your feeling to them. However, some of you may want to avoid sounding too desperate or clingy.

So, this article explains some methods on how to tell her you to miss her without sounding desperate. In addition, this article also provides the scientific reason why we miss someone and how to handle it. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the main topic.

Why Do We Miss Someone Suddenly?

When a man misses his partner, some of the most common reaction that occurs is anxiety and depression. So, the expression “I feel like my other half is missing” will probably sound very true. However, what is the reason we miss someone we love?

For once, it is essential to note that human emotion is one of the hardest subjects to learn. Therefore, research regarding the scientific reason why we miss our loved ones is quite difficult to find. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no plausible explanation for this phenomenon.

A September 18, 2016 article from Odyssey Online may provide some answers on why we suddenly miss someone. First, you need to understand that our body produces certain hormones and chemicals. These hormones have evolved to help us control and form an emotional bond with others.

The hormones that are closely related to the emotion of love are estrogen/ testosterone and oxytocin. In addition, the neurotransmitter closely involved in the production of these hormones is serotonin and dopamine.

While our body can produce these hormones naturally, their number and the speed at which our body process those hormones will increase exponentially whenever we’re with someone we love. If we spend an extended period with someone we love, we will feel addicted to the elevated level of these hormones and chemicals. 

So, when our loved ones left us, we will experience some sort of withdrawal from these chemicals. Our body will no longer produce high amounts of oxytocin, serotonin, etc. As a result, common symptoms of withdrawals, such as anxiety and depression, will occur.

What to do When You Miss Someone

Missing someone is probably one of the hardest feelings to deal with. Having a good time with your partner suddenly isn’t possible after both of you go in a separate direction. However, there are several methods you can do to cope with the feeling of missing someone you love.

April Maccario, a relationship expert and the founder of Ask April, stated that the best thing to do when you’re missing someone is to accept and understand your feeling. Accept that what you feel is normal and understand that your feeling of longing for someone you love won’t last forever.

In addition, you can also engage in activities that can help improve your mood and divert your attention. There are tonnes of activities you can do to handle the feeling of missing someone. Lastly, you can also interact with other people in your circle, such as your friends, families, colleagues, etc.

How to Tell Her You Miss Her

Despite our best effort to divert our attention from the feeling of missing our partners, we still have the urge to express our feeling to them. In most cases, however, men will do their best effort to not sound desperate and clingy to their partner. So, how to tell her you miss her without sounding desperate? 

Paraphrase the sentence

If you feel that “I miss you” sounds too generic and desperate, you can try to say the expression differently. Think of some ways to rearrange or change several words from the sentence to make it more poetic. For instance, you can say “I wish you were here” whenever you talk to her on the phone or via text message. If you don’t want to sound too direct, you can also say “When can we watch our favorite show together again?” So, be creative with the words you choose.

Use different languages

Another creative way to say “I miss you” without sounding too desperate is to say it in different languages. Saying the expression in other languages is also the best way to avoid sounding too generic. For instance, you can say Ich vermisse Dich in German, Tu me manques in French, or Ngikukhubulile in Zulu. Simply use your dictionary or translator app to transfer the expression to another language.

Use song lyrics

If you and your partner love certain music genres or artists, you can send song snippets to her as a way to express your longing for her. The best part about this method is the abundance of songs and lyrics to choose from. 

For instance, if both of you love rock and roll, you can send the opening part from The Rolling Stones’ song “Miss You.” If you like jazz music, you can send the first verse stanza from Vic Damone’s song “It’s a Lonesome Old Town.” It is essential that when you do this, make sure that she’s familiar with the lyrics you sent.

Use book quotes

If you and your partner love reading books, sending a quote from the book both of you read may be the best way to express that you miss her. For example, while quite heavy and depressing, Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” has some great lines about missing someone. Other than that, Franz Kafka’s “Letters to Milena” also have some great quotes about missing someone.

Final Words

As previously mentioned, it is only normal for social creatures like humans to long for each other. So, if you miss your partners during a long-distance relationship, don’t get weirded out. It is completely fine for a man to miss someone he loves. Remember that if you miss someone, be sure to express your feeling properly. For starters, you can use the tips above to express your feeling without sounding too desperate. So, good luck!

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