BF Material Meaning: What Does It Mean to be a Boyfriend Material?

We’re sure you have heard the term “boyfriend material” everywhere when scrolling through your Twitter feed, Instagram Stories, etc. However, it seems that most people, especially men, don’t know about the BF material meaning. Is it about certain check marks that a man must have? Or is it about what girls want from a man? Is there any universal definition of boyfriend material?

This article attempts to clarify the meaning of boyfriend material in simple and plain language. In addition, this article provides several tips that you can use to determine whether you’re boyfriend material or not. So, without further ado, here is the definitive definition of boyfriend material.

What Does Boyfriend Material Mean?

The Urban Dictionary, the greatest dictionary to ever exist, defines boyfriend material as a man who has the right qualities to be a boyfriend. So, by saying that a man is “boyfriend material” it really means that he is dateable by a certain standard. 

Furthermore, Holly Riordan of Thought Catalog defines the term boyfriend material in several ways. In an article dated September 2017, Riordan describes boyfriend material as someone who can spend a lazy weekend sitting on the couch with his partner. Boyfriend material is someone who pays close attention to their partner by providing comfort and assistance instead of someone only interested in having casual fun.

The author also added that a boyfriend material is someone mature enough to be in a real relationship. In addition, a boyfriend material is someone able to hold an adult conversation and come to a compromise when his partner is in a difficult time. A man with certain boyfriend materials can be seen as someone who’s going to spend the rest of his life with his partner.

If you look for the definition of boyfriend material online, you’ll find countless answers provided by different people. While most of the definitions look the same, there are some underlying differences between them. So, is there a universal definition of boyfriend material?

The Real Meaning of Boyfriend Material

A 2006 study by Kirsten B. Firminger investigates how teenage boys are represented in magazines targeted at teenage girls. The research revealed that most teenage boys that were boyfriend materials were represented as shallow, highly sexual, emotionally inexpressive, and insecure. In addition, the boys who are potential boyfriends should be able to provide romance, intimacy, and love.

The research also suggests that magazines’ portrayal of boyfriend-material males is highly inaccurate. Furthermore, the researcher also argued that magazines create those boyfriend criteria out of gender-specific fantasies, myths, and fears. 

So, suffice to say that the real boyfriend material is not a product of public opinion or general assumption about certain criteria a man should have to be a boyfriend. Instead, it’s more about personal opinions and standards. Therefore, there is no universal definition of boyfriend material as different individuals have their own standards and opinions. 

Am I a Boyfriend Material?

Even though there is no universal answer for the BF material meaning, there are several general criteria that make a man worthy of a relationship. Below are some of the ways a girl can tell that a man is worthy of a long-term relationship.

He brightens your world

A man who’s worthy of a long-term relationship is someone who can bring happiness to his partner’s life. When the world is ugly and dark, his presence makes everything feels better. What was once an ordinary life can suddenly change into a constant excitement and fascination. When a girl is with the right man, everything will look and feels better than before.

Being humorous at the right time

Having a good sense of humor is the most common boyfriend material criterion. Having a humorous take may be a man’s way to encourage his partner to look at life from a different perspective. However, when a man is constantly joking about everything, no one is going to take him seriously. So, a man with boyfriend material should know the right time to act serious and humorous. Knowing when to laugh is just as important as knowing how to make one.

Respecting others

In most cases, girls will prefer men who treat others well as it indicates how they’re going to treat their partner in a relationship. In addition, girls will look for a man who shows respect to essential people he encounters in his life. Specifically, a man worthy of a long-term relationship will respect their partner’s decisions, setting aside his personal interest to give some room for their partner’s wishes.  

An Empathetic listener

Girls tend to avoid men who don’t listen to their opinion or complaints. Instead, most of them prefer a man who’s able to listen carefully and non-judgmentally to understand what they’re going through. On top of that, a man worthy of a long-term relationship will show empathy in his response to their partner’s needs. Furthermore, empathy is a condition for a functional interpersonal relationship. So, if a man wants to be boyfriend material, they should be able to listen to their partner.

Gives encouragement

Sharing joy and happiness during a good time is essential. However, happiness won’t last forever, everyone has their ups and downs in life. In a relationship, a boyfriend material man will stand by his partner’s side when things get tough. A man worthy of a long-term relationship will also give encouragement and support to ease his partner going through each of their problems in life.

Final Words

Several sources describe boyfriend material as a certain standard a man has that makes him worthy of a date or relationship. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact criteria of boyfriend material as different people describe BF material meaning in different ways. After reading research and opinion, it is concluded that there is no universal definition of boyfriend material. Everyone has their own preference and opinion on choosing a male partner who is deemed worthy of a long-term relationship. 

However, there are some baselines that most females search for in a man. So, if you’re a man who’s looking for a long-term relationship, make sure that you have those criteria in you.

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